10 Nail Polishes That Will Make You Instantly Look Tanned

10 Nail Polishes That Will Make You Instantly Look Tanned

Have you noticed that when you put on makeup you look absolutely different, in the good sense, of course? Or when you put on earrings, it is like your whole expression changes. Isn’t it absolutely amazing that something so small can make a big change in your appearance? The good news is that even nail polish can do something to help you.
Summer is still far away, but you can do something to make your complexion look as if you have been kissed by the sun, in other words, to make you look like you have tan which is not that easy to achieve if you are not a fan of solarium studios. The “magic” here is in creating a contrast between your skin and the nail polish.

Here are our top 10 suggestions.

№ 1 Gorgeous Guava
This punchy hue, color is very famous among the bridesmaids on a wedding day. It is very soft and fresh and it is suitable for very plain complexions. If you wear is as a nail polish, it will give your skin some color.

№ 2 A Bright Reddish-Orange
As its name suggests, this color is a combination between red and orange. This is a bright, vibrant color. It will not only make your complexion darker, but will also charge your energy battery because it symbolizes physical energy.

№ 3 Electric Yellow
This shade of yellow is very bright. Some people find it hard to wear so bright clothes or nail polishes because they do not want to attract attention. But if you want your skin to look tanned and to overcome your shyness, I suggest you try it.

№ 4  Rich Gold
This color is definitely darker than our first suggestions. It is something between brown and orange, but with a pinch of sparkling. Leaving your nails without a polish is not an option. Try this one and see how magically you too will get some tan.

№  5 A Chic Coral
This color is named after a sea animal. This is a mixture of reddish and pinkish shade of orange. It is very hard to explain, but I am sure you have seen it how gently it suits a woman’s complexion no matter whether it is on her clothes or nails.

№ 6 A Neon Blue
You may be surprised that blue is part of the group, but creating a tan with nail polishes does not necessarily mean that all the colors should be like the tan you want to have. A neon blue color will do the same job and those of you who are fond of it, should definitely try it.

№ 7 A Vibrant Turquoise
This greenish blue color is again very fresh and suitable for creating an illusion for tan. It will make you smile just looking at your nails.

№ 8 A Lilac
This pale violet tone is very gentle. But unfortunately it does not match every skin complexion, so polish your nails in this tone only if your complexion is very, very pale because otherwise it may not look good.

№ 9 An Electric Lime
Just like the electric yellow, electric lime will attract attention to your nails. And will make you feel fresh and ready for actions.

№ 10 A Bright Opaque White
Last but not least is white. Some women find it hard to apply white nail polish because it is very easy to see the flaws. However, with white opaque color it is different because it was used to hide mistakes in the first place.

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