10 of The Worst Selfies Ever!

10 of The Worst Selfies Ever!

Selfies are a fashion hat has been around for a while now. People tend to make slefies everywhere they go. You probably think you have seen the worst selfie somewhere in you feed. But there truth is there is worse than the worse! Although they are hilarious I can’t even imagine how people do that and don’t even notice what they are doing. But at least there is something for us to laugh at!

  1. Sleeping?


Did he really think that after putting a padded animal and closing his eyes it will actually really look like he is sleeping? We can see the selfie stick, you know? At least he looks like he is having a good night sleep… with the lights on.

2. From above? No better go down!


You know how people tend to make their selfies from above (just like the guy who was sleeping). It is kind of the more natural and normal way to do it. But those young boys thought it will be more entertaining to try a new angle. What do you think?

3. Surprised much?


This girl is trying to look surprised, but on what grounds? Probably she was so surprised, because of the burger in front of her or something.

4. We all love airports


You know the awful two hours before a flight? OR the couple of hours you have between two flights. Well here is to a girl who knows how to entertain herself during that time.

5. Style choices


Did he really thing that this  bondage thing around his chest goes well with fluffy sleepers and a pajama?

6. Hey, P. Diddy!

p didy

Well the celebrities also have the right to make some selfies. Here is P. Diddy, who obviously is on a yacht and is enjoying himself.

7. Really?! Really?!


Well, this one is probably not expected from anyone. And it is kind of awful. How could you post online something like that?

8. This one might be dangerous


Not a good idea. Obviously he is not driving, but it still is dangerous. Anything could happen while on the road. And actually you could cause an accident.

9.Hello tourist!


She at least is having a fun time on her trip.

10. At least you didn’t use the broom


Those guys obviously don’t have a selfie stick. But at least they have creative ideas!

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