10 Things a 20 Year Old Girl Should Have in Her Closet

10 Things a 20 Year Old Girl Should Have in Her Closet

1. Denim jacket
It kind of works the same way as the favorite jeans. A denim jacket goes with literally everything. You can wear it in the colder summer nights or in the winter under a poncho or something. It could work for any occasion. So if you don’t already own one – go get yours!

2. Ballerina flats
They are comfortable. They are beautiful. They are elegant. Either black or nude or a powerful color you need them. They are better then heels, because after wearing them all day long your feet don’t hurt. They will make even the sloppiest look stylish.

3. Black blazer
No matter working or not you should own one of those. If you invest in a great blazer you will have it for years. You can pair it with jeans or a dress or a skirt. It is usable for day time and night time.

4. Everyday studs
Little earrings that can go with everything and are not too loud. Mini studs are carefree. The minimalist size make them easy to transfer from day to night. They are suitable for dresses and jeans.

5. The right bra
It turns out it is very hard to find the right bra for you and for your clothes. But ones you do take good care of it. The right bra should be comfortable, yet appropriate for the clothes your are wearing.

6. White T-shirt
It is an all time basic and a favorite to many. You should own at least one and take good care of it. IT can save the day or complete a look, without you expecting. And some of the most stylish french women wear white T’s with jeans and blazer and look amazing. You perfect white savior shouldn’t be nor too tight nor too slouchy.

7. A stylish everyday bag
This one is best if can hold all the stuff you need with you. Also it is perfect if it is in neutral colors or black. Too loud bags don’t work every time. So go away from them. If you invest in a good black leather bag you will love it and wear it for years.

8. Black ankle boots
No matter leather or suede you should have them by the door waiting to be worn. You could choose from flats or a pair that has a small heel. Ankle boots look stylish on any leg and don’t make it seem shorter, which is important for any girl.

9. Leather jacket
Preferably your leather jacket will be biker! It is perfect to complete a too feminine look and all the celebs and models rock those. So why shouldn’t you? You should try on different models and styles and just find the right one you fall in love with. Once you do, you will never leave it.

10. Little black dress
The LBD is the savior to any woman’s closet. Your LBD should be perfect for work and party at the same time. Not too short though! LBD is stylish and classic and works on any body type. It is flattering and we all love it!

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