2015 in Marsala

2015 in Marsala

Every new year, there are new trends and a new ‘it’ color. With the recently arrived year it is time to talk about the new trend that will be all around us and how to incorporate it in our lives.
The 2015 color is Marsala. This is the color of the wine. Also kind of the color of love for the deeper souls. It is a rich and stylish color. It is also grounding and an earthy color in a way. The more sophisticated ladies will most definitely be in that color for every aspect of their life. And for the younger and more hip women it is a great color to combine, but have a twist.
So have been looking around things in Marsala, but wondered what to do and what to best choose? The one thing that it is for sure – incorporate it in your life!


This one is a little bit difficult, because mainly I could say – everything is suitable. Of course it all depends on what you like and what do you usually wear.
To try out the trend you could start with a shirt/blouse in that color. It will be the perfect addition for some jeans if you are in the casual style. And you are more into the office-like and official style, try it out with a pencil skirt.
If you like the color that much a maxi turtle neck dress combined with a biker jacket would do you justice. You will be on point, trendy and ready to go anywhere!
And when it comes to accessories, many designers and also most of the shops already have a lot to offer. A small cross body bag (YSL has already one) or some ballerina flats will compliment your wardrobe. Since Marsala looks amazing with brownish and nude colors, also black and navy a scarf, will be a great pin to what you probably already own.

Make up

Oh, you saw a beautiful girl with Marsala lipstick and then you saw three more? Yes, you probably did. And it is about time you wore that lipstick. Marsala-colored lipstick will look beautiful on any skin color. No matter your age or anything else. Tanned or very pale – try it out! The same applies to your hair color.
If you green-eyed or blue-eyed you can make your eye color pop. So an eye shadow in Marsala can also make the green color in green eyes seem denser and green.
Your manicurist also probably already has at least three shades of Marsala in her nail polish collection. A manicure in Marsala on almond nails can add up to boring clothes, you know in those days you have nothing fun to wear.


Because there is no place like home, it is time for a little change, that will make you feel more relaxed and down to earth.
The easiest thing to add up to your interior is a small pillow (or two). Because the color is almost neutral it won’t bother your eye. And it will probably cozy up your place.
Marsala is a color that goes great for leather and metals. So any home accessories you decide to get out of those materials will be cool and funky, yet peaceful. Something to add up with gold or warm hues of nude or black or white. This will add up a modern spin to your home.

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