4 Prints You Must Always Have in Your Wardrobe
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4 Prints You Must Always Have in Your Wardrobe

There is nothing like a print, especially if you want to be both casual and elegant at the same time. Prints are always fashionable, they only take turn which one to be more fashionable than the others this season. People who love prints and usually wear them look professional and are very attractive. You cannot miss them if you are on the street because of their great centerpiece in their outfit. If you want to look that great and everybody on the street to be looking in your way, try with some prints this season. Here are the top 4 fashion prints you should have in your wardrobe this (and probably every other) season.

The best seasons for experimentation with fashion and trying to escape the conventional and everyday you are spring and summer, of course. The weather is sunny, the nature is greener and brighter, so you should follow its advice. You can let go and experiment as much as you want, but still have to be careful. Sometimes you can mix two prints, but choose them carefully, so that you do not look like the next Golden Raspberry Prize winner.

There are some rules you need to follow when you decide to wear 2 different fashion prints. You should always choose prints that are with the same color, or at least hues of the same color – one could be darker, and the other lighter. Another way you can look absolutely stunning wearing two prints is when you match their colors, but choose complete opposites when it comes to size. One of the prints to be small and the other – huge. This is a typical and extremely appropriate way to dress in prints. And the last rule you need to remember is never to dress with more than two prints. Imagine how ridiculous you would look if you put on a striped shirt, a checkered skirt, and shoes in dots. You will obviously make the people on the street look after you, but in a way you would not want. So, stick to the rule “no more than two prints”.

So, now after you have learned the most important rules in wearing prints, find out which are the top 7 prints you should have in your wardrobe because they will always be in fashion. And here they are!


When you ask most people about prints and patterns, the first thing that it comes to their minds is dots. Dots are classy and they make you look elegant and vintage, think of the famous dot patterns in the 1950s. You can choose them not only for your outfit, but also for the accessories. You will look great if one or two weeks you are wearing nail polish in dots. As for the outfit, try with a blue blouse or a shirt with small white dots, or a long black summer dress in red dots. Definitely stylish and adorable.

The Classical Stripes

It does not matter whether you choose vertical or horizontal stripes, you will both look stunning and classy. Stripes, just like the dots, were famous many years ago but still are part of the fashion industry. Some when some people think of stripes, they imagine an old man’s striped pants, which is definitely not attractive. Here is what to choose instead: horizontal blue stripes on white vest, or black stripes instead. You can also find some gorgeous dresses and skirts with stripes in an angle. They are great for the summer and will complement your body if you try to look thinner.

An Animal Print

Animal prints are some of the most famous ones because, well, because they are the most provocative. When you think of an animal print, the first thing that pops to your mind are the cat-like prints: tiger or leopard prints. Some people have mixed feelings about them because when they are not used wisely, they can look cheap. If you are afraid to have clothes in this print, you can try with having such accessories. A tiger print bangle or a leopard belt will look great on you, no matter whether you are going to work or having a coffee with your friends.

Floral Print

Floral prints are perfect for spring and summer because these are the seasons when most flowers bloom and gardens are full of color and sweet scent. Of course, this does not mean that you should forget about flowers in the winter, on the contrary. They will remind you of the warm months of the year and will make you look fresh and younger. In the spring and summer stick to floral prints on a lighter background, while in the autumn and winter try with floral print on dark background. Think about the shape and size of the print also and whether it will suit your body type.

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