5 Low Budget Ways to Change Your Wardrobe for Spring

5 Low Budget Ways to Change Your Wardrobe for Spring

Since the spring is already here, we all want to get out of the thick and heavy winter clothes and change into new fresh, light and beautiful spring a like outfits. And no matter what we have from last spring, there is no way we would not want to have new additions to our wardrobe. And that is fine. But how do you do it when you are on a budget and don’t want to spend way too much money?
1. Sales
At the end of every season and especially online there are huge sales. Of course not every time there is a suitable size or thing for you, but there is no way you won’t find some classics and stuff. Things like the little black dresses are timeless and could be worn every season. When shopping at sales, though think about the things you are actually getting. Since the prices are lower people tend not to think about their purchases. They are tempted by the price. But if you want to stay on a budget think do you have something to pair with the piece you are getting, is is suitable for the upcoming season, does it actually fit? If one of the answers is ‘No’, then you don’t need that.

2. Sells clothes you are not wearing anymore
Many people stash loads of clothing in their homes, but wear not much more than 15 to 20 pieces. Having 5 coats and wearing only 1 is absurd. You either have to start wearing them or you should sell them online. Just go through your clothing collection. First sort out things you have never worn, then things you will never wear again. Those of them that are a fine quality and are maintained well, you could post them on sites like eBay and many more.

3. Tailor your clothes
We often tend to buy clothes, that are a size bigger or a way too long and stuff. We buy them with the idea to tailor them. But usually we never do. So, since you are already going through all your clothes make a pile that must be tailor and this time really goes. That way you could make some maxi dresses work, or fix a broken zipper, fix that jacket you loved so much, but it was way too big. That way you will kind of have new clothes, without spending much money.

4. Look around your mom’s closet
So no matter what anyone says, our mothers tend to have some beautiful and sometimes timeless pieces in their closets. Many mothers save some beautiful pieces from their youths somewhere in the back of their closets. So instead of going to a mall, first go to your mom’s closet. Look for things that fit and look cohesive with your wardrobe. That way you won’t look like you are wearing someones clothes.

5. Exchange clothes with your girlfriends
There is no way you and your girlfriends (or at least one) don’t wear either the same size or similar one. Plus, you probably like each others clothes. Figure out, what do you like in her closet and if she is willing to give it and do the same with yours. We usually get tired and bored of what we have, but she probably is not. And you might be eyeing some of her pieces. So it is time you had the talk with her and do something about that.

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