6 Problem Only Hat-Lovers Will Understand

6 Problem Only Hat-Lovers Will Understand

Hats are amazing. They could be both an accessory, a protector from the sun, and even an umbrella (yes, when you do not have umbrella in your bag and it starts raining, what do you thing you can use to protect your hair from it?). But for some people hats are something more, there are a way of life. An ordinary person would not understand, but hat-lovers will. So this is why this article is dedicated to them. Here are 6 problems that only hat-lovers will understand.

Problem 1: Everybody wants to try it on

OK, if you have sisters or very close best friends with whom you do not mind sharing your clothes, there certainly are things that you do not want to share with common people. Imagine going out in the evening with a new hat that is a total hit, and some of your acquaintances start asking you to try it so they can see if it looks good on them, or just because they want to take a selfie. It is quite irritating, and you start worrying about this person having some fleas that they can “share” with you.

Problem 2: You have some problems with your hair when you take off your hat

This is the reason why some people do not like wearing hats, because your hair will be a mess when you take the hat off. A true hat-lover will not stop before such a problem and will prefer to wear their hat. But let’s be honest, it is a little irritating having always to adjust your hair, and in some places unfortunately you cannot stay with your hat on as much you would like.

Problem 3: It is hard to see through it

No matter how cool hats are, it is sometimes hard to see through it, especially if it has a large periphery. The same periphery will keep the sun from coming into your eyes, on the one hand, but on the other, it could also prevent you from seeing the people walking past you, and you will end up bumping into some of them.

Problem 4: It can get in your way when you try to kiss anyone

Or, let’s put it this way, it could get in your way in situations which involve being close to someone. Think of a typical cowboy movies, when the hero wants to kiss a certain damsel in distress, he has to take his hat off, otherwise they would not get the maximum enjoyment from the kiss. This is true for other situations as well, if somebody wants to whisper something in your ear, for example. It is definitely not cool.

Problem 5: It is a conversation starter even when you do not want to talk about these people

Sometimes having a conversation-starter is not a bad thing, but when you do not want to talk to somebody, it can turn pretty awful wearing a hat. Imagine you are alone at a party, and some weird-looking guy asks you about your hat. “Don’t you feel hot with it?”, “Isn’t it strange to wear a hat when you are inside a house?”, or “Oh, I love hats! I have the same one at home!” Yes, it is not only very annoying, but you cannot escape and you have to answer him.

Problem 6: You are constantly worried that it has bend over the one side, or the other

You have to be careful with your hat, if you want to look perfect on your head. But, unfortunately, it is not that easy to see if you have tilted it over the one side. So, what you do is to constantly try to fix it, and make it stay where you first put it even if it is fine already. This could be very irritating both for you and the people around you, because they are viewers of the repeated activity that happens in front of them.

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