6 Things You Need to Know About Your Nails

6 Things You Need to Know About Your Nails

Here are a couple of things you need to know about your nails in order to make sure you take proper care and are aware of what signs they are giving you about your overall health.

1. Cutting the cuticles of the nails will take away their strength and beauty after some time. This intervention leaves the nails defenseless and nail infections are so much more possible to occur. The opening of the base of the nail forces the penetration of bacteria. The infections cause swelling and pain and subsequently affect the shape and smoothness of the nail itself.

2. Subjecting your nails to a manicure every week is not at all a healthy decision. Manicure somewhat traumatizes the tissue around the nail and the nails themselves. Permanently applying nail polish changes the color of the nail. Upon removal of the gel and acrylic varnish, the surface of the nail itself is removed, making it permanently injured. To restore the nail from such a procedure, it usually takes 6 months! Be sure to give them some rest and avoid these procedures from time to time especially at for longer cold season.

3. Nails and hair are made of one key component, keratin. Keratin is contained in our skin, too, though in a much thinner layer, and it is most dense in our hands and feet. The keratin in the nail and hair contains a larger amount of the amino acid, compared with the skin, and gives a strong connection between the cells. The skin is constantly pushes, throws and changes at its outer layer of cells, while this does not happen to the nail. Nails are low in fat and water. These facts only show that they need to keep more of traumatic procedures

4. The first signs of overall health deterioration can be found on the nails. Any change in shape, color, and thickness of the nail as well as to the nail bed, the smoothness may indicate the presence of an internal problem in the body.

5. Nutrition affects your nails. In order to help your nails grow quicker, you have to apply on your body more products that could stimulate the production of keratin and provide you with enough vitamin C. For this purpose, make sure you eat meat with low fat and other products rich in protein, low-fat dairy products, more raw fruits and vegetables.

6. The nail grows on average by 2-3 mm per month. To grow quickly and correctly is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a fully balanced diet. Usually the nails on your leading hand grow faster, which is explained by the greater exercise, better blood circulation and provided nutrients. In warm climates nails grow faster due to the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, which determines their growth.

There you have it, the sic main things to know about your nails and what are they telling you! Take care of them and stay beautiful.

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