7 Easy Steps For Texturized Ponytail

7 Easy Steps For Texturized Ponytail

The texturized hair helps to create fluffy details of the hairstyle, which means that you will need to achieve the proper texture for this hairstyle – the fluffy ponytail. Follow the steps down below and you will find out how to create every little detail of this hairstyle, which works only for the finished, great result. Here we go:

  1. The hair must be wavy if you want to achieve this hairstyle. Which means that you have to achieve this texture with the right tool and the right products. If you want to create this look today, you will be forced to use a curling iron. But if you have the night ahead you, then you can make a this texture easily with three braids. Divide the hair in three sections – top, bottom left and bottom right. Apply light-formula stylizing mousse and split these sections into regular braids. Make them tight.

  2. Then, in the morning, release the braids and enjoy the gorgeous texture of the hair.

  3. Now tie the hair into a high ponytail

  4. Pull out the top a little bit in order to create volume of the hairstyle.

  5. Then hide the hair band with a strand from the tail. Secure with bobby pin underneath the ponytail.

  6. Now take a thin elastic bands – you will need to match the color of the bands with the color of your hair.

  7. The the tail into several places. Put the bands into equal length one to another.

  8. Then pull out the puffs a little bit in order to make the ponytail bigger and fluffier.

  9. Enjoy!

This ponytail is perfect for the summer season because often, during this season, the weather is hot. And when it is hot outside, we need to reduce the clothing layers over our bodies, but we also have to reduce the additional suffocating that is created by the long hair on your back.


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