7 Secrets That Every Fashionista Should Know

7 Secrets That Every Fashionista Should Know

Having a sense of style is something many women are born with. Once you have that style, no matter of your budget, you just could make things work. Other women, though, have to learn and they do learn and still look amazing. Then there are some of us that just are not stylish, at least not in the typical common way.

But there are some style rules and secret ANY woman should know. Especially if she counts herself  for a fashionista. No matter in trend or not something just always work and look good. And you have to know what those are!

Maxi dresses work for any height

Petite or tall – it doesn’t matter. A maxi, floor length dress will look good on you, no matter what. Actually maxi dresses don’t care for the size you are wearing too – you might be a 2 or a 20, there is a way it would work. Those dresses are effortlessly chic and they could be worn any season. If you are a shorter girl – just opt for a silhouette that gives the illusion that you are taller – like vertical stripes. Don’t do overwhelming prints – that goes for anyone. Keep it simple, because simple is good!

Monochrome works in any color

So when you hear about a monochromatic look, what do you imagine? It turns out that most women think about white, black and nudes. But the truth is, that any color can do you a monochromatic justice. No matter what color you choose you actually can’t go wrong and you will look good (except probably for neons – they will irritate the eye). Red could be very stylish in many ways. Why not try out that one. Or opt for a pantsuit in a cobalt blue?

Go for accessories – they change the whole look

So what is a difference between just an all black outfit and an amazing and very stylish all black outfit? It is all in the accessorizing. Some women just need a little ‘VA-VA-voom’ (especially if they are petite) and could rock a lock with a small necklace or some studs. Another thought needs a statement piece of jewelry, that will make them look amazing. Depending on what you find appealing for yourself, start creating a collection of accessories that work for you and compliment your style – just don’t go for things that look cheap (or are made out of plastic).


So if you want a definite way to look amazing, without making any major mistakes – go for a classic style that is on point. Classic style is something that doesn’t look overtought and it kind of gives you a stylish, high end appeal. Black pantsuit, nude heels and  a shirt – nothing more classier. A polka dot short dress – once again in the classics.

Show personality by your shoes or bags

If you are a working girl you probably have to stick to an office outfit style and have to keep it simple – blazers, shirts, pants and things like that. And that could get boring, no matter what you try. So without over accessorizing or looking like a fool at work, what can you do? Show your personality by going for bold shoes and a bad (but remember not over the top). Instead of the boring black or nude heels, try something more fun like blue or something colorful – whatever your soul wants during this particular day. The same applies to bags – try something colorful with a spin.

Not too much skin

Showing too much skin has never been classy or stylishly, nor anything else positive. In order to look stylish and beautiful, you shouldn’t look like a hooker. There are two ways to do the showing skin look – a right one and a wrong one. So if you don’t want to go overboard slutty start out by showing just a tiny bit of skin – if you show belly, don’t wear anything with cleavage or too short. Or if the skirt is short – the back shouldn’t be barred. Just go for balance, that is your key word!

When in doubt – go for all black!

All black outfits are the ones you could NEVER go wrong with. It is chic and chick. It is beautiful and bold. It is diverse. Black outfits fit any occasion (except probably a wedding and a baby shower, but the first is okay if the bride will be okay). A good makeup helps the outfit. You should go either very nude or very bold – red lipstick and stuff. Also black compliments any hair and any body type. It elongates you and makes an optical illusion that you wear a smaller size. So if nothing of the above speaks to you – go black!


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