7 Short Cuts To a Better Body

7 Short Cuts To a Better Body

It comes this time after university when we start working in an office and year by year time passes and we get older. Then we begin storing fat on our bodies and before we notice it, we have gain 10 pounds (or more). So we need some help with keeping our bodies in shape without even exercising. Here are 10 things you should start doing if you haven’t started by now.

1. Drink tea
Every kind of tea would to the job but green tea is the best for metabolism and helps boost your your health as a whole. It is always better to drink more liquids. Forget about all frizzy drinks and substitute them for tea. If it is not sweet enough for you, put some honey in it to make it sweeter.

2. Eat eggs
Boiled eggs are very healthy and are full of protein which is a key ingredient to make you fuller longer. You can keep a couple of them in your bag and whenever you feel hungry just eat one. That will help you avoid eating junk food when you are at work.

3. Resist temptation
Speaking of junk foods, be careful not to eat them. It is true that they are delicious, often cheap and basically around every corner but they are so unhealthy and, one of the worst part, will make you eat more and gain weight.

4. Do not starve
This is the main rule in losing weight. Do not ever, ever starve. First of all, this way of losing weight is not healthy and second at the end of the day you will want a giant meal to compensate for your starvation during the day. And as you know, dinner is not the best meal of the day.

5. 80:20 Rule
This rule says – be 80% good and 20% bad. In other words, follow your diet 80% the time, and during the other 20% break the rules. If you crave for chocolate, eat a bite or two, after all nobody wants to be denied chocolate all their lives. But remember not to eat too much of it.

6. A smart snack
When you feel hungry but it still hours away from your next meal, grab a snack. Keep in your purse a package of nuts, popcorn, or some fruit, and in case of extreme need “break the glass” and take a bite.

7. Use the right plates
When you use smaller plates you fill them with smaller portions and thus you eat less. It is scientifically proven that people tend to eat whatever is on their plate. Even the plates you use were a present from your BFF or your mom, if they are huge, do not eat in them. Instead try the salad plates. They are smaller and it will be easier to follow what you exactly you eat.

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