A Layer of Flawless Fake Skin

A Layer of Flawless Fake Skin

One thing is certain – no one has a skin so perfect like they show us in the beauty magazines. Believe me, there is a lot of makeup products on these faces, also, the Photoshop plays a huge roles too. Remember those leaked picture of Beyoncé without a Photoshop? Well. Our Queen is also a human with not-so-flawless skin. So, don’t be ashamed that your skin needs a little pump up when it is not in a perfect condition. If you use the makeup products and tool properly, no one will recognize that you are wearing makeup. Here are the most basic tricks and tips for using makeup covering products that will make a thin layer of flawless fake skin. Take a look:

Let’s start with the real bad ass – the pimple. It is really hard to truly hide a pimple, because most of them are embossed, and when it stands above the surface of the skin, it can create a shadow, which will make it much more noticeable than it actually is. The same problem with the shadows plays a dry cuticle too. So, before you apply anything on your face, make an exfoliating treatment. Then moisturize the skin and apply a makeup primer base. The moisturizer with soften the skin and remove any chance of dry areas and the primer will protect the pores from clogging out of the covering products. Now, the pimples: don’t pop them or squeeze them. This will only make the things worse. If the pimple is red and has white tip, apply first green concealer to hide the redness. Then cover it with a full cover concealer that matches your skin color perfectly. It has to blend in. Also, you’d better use a waterproof concealer, because it is stronger and when the pimple is higher than the level of your skin, the product will wipe off quickly. The application is easy: put it with pointy brush and then blend in with clean finger. And finally, lock the concealer with a loose setting powder in order to be calm that the concealer is right on the pimple, hiding it.

The blackheads are a little bit easier to be hidden, because they are not 3D like the pimples. But don’t underestimate their stubbornness too. For the blackheads you will need golden/yellow-based concealer. But before the concealer we have several more steps to do – moisturizer, primer, foundation and then you can apply the concealer. Always use a brush. Forget about the sponge, because it lifts up the fizz of the skin and makes it look even worse.

Enough with the nasty pimples and blackheads, let’s discuss the dark spots now. The little trick that removes dark spots is to highlight the area before you blend it in with the concealer. So, brightening oil will work perfectly as a highlighter for the dark spot. Then match the skin with a proper color of concealer.

And finally, the dark circles under your eyes. But before you try to hide the color, you have to reduce the puffiness if there is some. This can be done easily with a cup of peppermint tea. It will work for less than 20 minutes. After that use a corrector as a start, a light one. Blend with your ring finger. Then add creamy concealer that matches your complexion. Lock it with a setting powder.


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