Adorable Hair Ribbon

Adorable Hair Ribbon

Have you ever wanted to make an experiment with your hair? Don’t worry, I’m not talking about cutting or coloring it, all I want to suggest you is to make a different type of hairstyle. Escape form the styles that you have been doing all your life. Try new things and decide if these new things are fitting your personal style.

This specific hair art requires long hair. If your hair is short but you have some extensions, it won’t work with the extensions either. Your shortest hair layer has to be at least down to the shoulder line. So, let’s get started. You will need only a hair band and a few bobby pins. Take a look at the following steps:

Comb your hair nicely.

Tie it into high ponytail, right on the top of the head. When you are pulling the tail through the last know of the hair band, don’t pull it all the way out. Leave the tail folded and the ends at the front, like the end of the tail is your band.

Now, divide the folded tail into two equal parts, hold one to the right and one to the left side.

Use the left tail end to finish the design of the ribbon – wrap it between the two parts of the ribbon.

Secure with bobby pins.


You see that it’s not hard to experiment a little bit, and the great part is that the results often are amazing. You just have to keep trying and searching until you find ideas for hair, makeup and clothes which match perfectly your taste and your personal fashion style. If you don’t think the ribbon hairstyle is appropriate for a certain occasion, you are not allowed to try it of course, but it is adorable, funny and young-looking, it’s just a reason to escape from the grown-up responsibilities and to have fun by looking great!

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