Aloe Gel For Drinking

Aloe Gel For Drinking

I present you one really informative chart of 10 basic reasons why we should drink Aloe Vera Gel (not juice). So, imagine that you just cut an Aloe Vera leaf  and drink the gel, which is coming out of the leaf, right away. See what are the benefits of drinking this thick liquid:

1. Strong teeth and good oral hygiene. Aloe Vera has extremely good properties of the entire dental health. The mouth and gums will be clean. And that’s not all – Aloe Vera contains vitamins and minerals that can help cells grow and produce healing effects, which means that your gums will tighten up and stop bleeding. One thing is sure – the regular drinking of aloe gel will keep you away from the dental chair.

2. Quick relief of the skin irritations. Aloe Vera enhances fibroblast function. The fibroblasts are those remarkable tiny cells, which helps the forming of the collagen in the body. They contribute to the relief of minor burns, cuts and other skin irritations.

3. Boosts up better digestion. When your digestive system is healthy, you have to be sure that your body absorbs in a better way the beneficial nutrients from the food. Aloe Vera has natural detoxifying properties. Regular drinking of aloe gel can improve the intestinal peristalsis and also it can increase the protein intake in the organism, while reducing the amount of “bad” bacteria in the intestinal flora. Another benefit of the Aloe Vera is its ability to relieve gastric acids and other digestive disorders. The Aloe achieved all this in a completely natural way.

4. Aloe Vera supports the immune system. Many people will tell you that the Aloe Vera helps the immune system naturally. But do you know the reason why it has this great effect on our health? The secret is in the antioxidants, which are natural immune system enhancers to the body. And if your immune system is strong you will be able to fight diseases and protect your body from illness.

5. Control your weight and charge your body with energy. Drinking aloe gel cleanse really deep your body from unwanted substances from food. These unwanted substances often cause lethargy and fatigue. Once they are cleaned from the digestive system and the body, you will feel toned up and more energetic. And right after that comes the weight control. Your appetite will get into normal level and you will start to feel lighter and more eager to do some physical movements and exercises. The body weight will fit into a healthy range according to your height and age.

6. Aloe Vera restores collagen and elastin. This plant provides the body rich source of building blocks for maintaining a healthy skin. The skin recovers every 21 to 28 days, and the intake of Aloe Vera successfully combats the effects of aging.

7. Daily dose of minerals. With Aloe Vera we can find minerals like calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc. It’s almost as rich as Bill Gates.

8. Daily dose of vitamins. Aloe Vera contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, also folic acid and nicotinamide. The human body is unable to store some of those vitamins and therefore we need to take them regularly through food. And the aloe gel brings us many of them. Is there a better reason for drinking it?

9. Anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe Vera contains 12 natural substances that have been shown to inhibit inflammation without side effects. The aloe also can have positive effect the mobility of the joints and muscles.

10. Building blocks for the body. Amino acids are the “bricks”, which are building our body. Most of the aloe gels on the market contain 20 amino acids. There are 8 among them, which are essential, because the body cannot produce itself. It will be enough to take 60 to 120 ml per day for good health and enough intake of amino acids.

So, that’s pretty everything that I can tell you about the aloe gel and its intake. Drink it and stay healthy and beautiful!


Image source: Fotolia

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