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Botox in the Scalp: The New Perfect Hair Treatment?

Lately, the beauty industry has been surprising us with a plethora of weird ideas: snail extract in face cream, purple or pink hair dye to make us look like a unicorn, placenta in hair masks to make our mane stronger and thicker, or bee venom. Basically, cosmetic companies are constantly trying to come up with something that seems incredibly efficient, ... Read More »

How to Dress for a Wedding

I do not know if you have noticed, but love is everywhere in this warm season. Personally, I believe that a September wedding is a lot better than the July or August one, as the heat is a lot less, but it is still warm and not rainy. Still, there are tons of beautiful, elegant brides, holding on to their ... Read More »

The Skin Problems Caused by Allergies

Usually, extreme temperatures and weather conditions can be quite detrimental to everyone’s skin, especially those of you whose skin is fairly sensitive. If you are fairly prone to redness, you might get irritated by anything in the air: pollution, humidity, lack of humidity, strong sunlight, etc. Besides, being sweaty does not help in the summer: it can clog your pores, ... Read More »

What Do Your Food Cravings Actually Mean?

Have you ever experienced a sudden hunger impulse that you just cannot explain? Maybe you explain it with your period or with some other physical conditions that are bringing some change in your eating habits, but it can be very annoying. Not to mention that you might be tortured by these cravings when they are rather unhealthy and you want ... Read More »

How to Save Money on Cosmetics

Our contemporary society is constantly urging us to spend more and more money or irrelevant purchases. Consumerism is attacking us from everywhere, as magazines, blogs and vloggers are showing us tons of products and clothing items that are very cool and trendy. However, sometimes a girl needs to stop and think for a second: “Do I really need all these ... Read More »

The Benefits of the Rose: One of Nature’s Best Gifts

Have you noticed that cosmetics based on natural products are somewhat more trustworthy? They create this feeling that you are using something that the environment has produced for you, so it will only make the product work better. There is a wide variety of miracle workers found in nature: coconut, chamomile, aloe vera, honey, jojoba, etc. The extracts found in ... Read More »

The Workout Plan for a Tight Bum

Maybe you have been a disciplined girl this year and did not forget about your New Year’s Resolutions by January 10th, so now you have a toned body that you can proudly show off at the beach. Or maybe you were lazy, preferred chocolate spread and French fries and lying on the sofa, binge watching TV shows. If you are ... Read More »

Eight Fashion Rules You Are Allowed to Break

According to some people, fashion is one of the most complicated concepts in the world. It has diverse meanings in the minds of different individuals: some may perceive it as art, while others – as the next way to exploit workers and to create money. Fashion and the corresponding industry have a huge impact on our lives, from psychological disorders ... Read More »

The New Social Media Trend: The Swelfie

Yes, you are probably aware what a selfie is: it is basically a photo that you take of yourself, a self-portrait of the modern world. The leading social trends are dictated by social media, respectively Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Everyone knows what a hashtag is, how important it is that your profile picture is on point and how often ... Read More »

The Ultimate Summer Problem: Sweat

Sweating, as you know, is the production of fluids secreted by the sweat glands in our skin. Now that it is summer and the weather is crazy hot, you might have become a victim of the sweaty problem. I have been astonished with the fact that some girls just do not get sweaty: I do not know if that is healthy or ... Read More »