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7 Easy Steps For Texturized Ponytail

The texturized hair helps to create fluffy details of the hairstyle, which means that you will need to achieve the proper texture for this hairstyle – the fluffy ponytail. Follow the steps down below and you will find out how to create every little detail of this hairstyle, which works only for the finished, great result. Here we go: The ... Read More »

How To Flatter Brown Eyes With Neutral Colors

The good think about brown eyes (except they are beautiful) is that you can apply almost every color, known on Earth, and they will look great. Of course, you must consider the colors you put on your eyes with the skin color and the hair color, and don’t forget about the colors of the clothes and the accessories. But the ... Read More »

Which Are The Best Detox Waters In The World

Many people are obsessed with the idea that they need to detox regularly. Others want to do it, but they think that you can detox only by drinking water, and they do not like drinking water. Yes, even though water is essential for our bodies and we need to drink as much as we can every day, some people just ... Read More »

Quick Elegant Hairstyle

There are mornings when I wake up with awful hair. It is not straight, it is not curly, it is just a fuzzy mess, which can’t be tamed, but even if it could, I don’t have the time even to try to tame it. For moments like these, I’m thankful for the existence of the buns, chignons, braids, ponytails, etc. ... Read More »

Thing Not To Do Before a Workout

Now you will say: “I just started to work out and the rules never end”. You shouldn’t demotivate about the rules and the tips, because they will bring the great results. If your goal is losing weight, you have to create a lifestyle that will work for this goal. Believe me, I tried only to do a lot of cardio ... Read More »

4 Prints You Must Always Have in Your Wardrobe

There is nothing like a print, especially if you want to be both casual and elegant at the same time. Prints are always fashionable, they only take turn which one to be more fashionable than the others this season. People who love prints and usually wear them look professional and are very attractive. You cannot miss them if you are ... Read More »

The Half Updo Rose

I am a little bit of racist when it comes to hair colors and the proper hairstyles for the specific color. For instance, I think that the blond hairs look better with braids than the dark colored hairs, and when I say dark colors I mean really dark ones – dark brown, black, brown with reddish hues, black with reddish ... Read More »

Last Minute Vacation? Mission Accomplished!

People say that if you want to have the perfect vacation, you need to plan if for weeks, even months, the earlier you do it, the bigger the chance to find cheap tickets and to book a luxurious hotel at low prices. Of course, having great time during your vacation is not necessarily connected with money. Sometimes planning your vacation ... Read More »

Green Dreamy Eyes

The black is a classic color for eye makeup, but I dare you to improvise with other colors, like green, blue, purple, brown, golden, silver, etc. If you have green eyes, you should definitely try this makeup: Copy the colors of your eyes and use it as inspiration for your makeup. If you have green eyes, the color is not ... Read More »

No More Belly Fat Layers When You Sit Down

Sometimes it is not enough to workout randomly and eat clean. Maybe you have reached the goal you wished for, but the picture is not as flawless as you want it to be. No matter how hard you try at the gym, there is a huge chance of having a little bit of extra skin (plus fat) on your belly ... Read More »