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The Colors Of The Nature

Everyone will assume that you are a city girl if you like to read fashion magazines, and no one will guess that you are a nature lover, while in fact you are really artistic person, you use the nature as an inspiration for your fashion projects and also you love to spend time outside the city, hiking and having fun ... Read More »

2015 in Marsala

Every new year, there are new trends and a new ‘it’ color. With the recently arrived year it is time to talk about the new trend that will be all around us and how to incorporate it in our lives. The 2015 color is Marsala. This is the color of the wine. Also kind of the color of love for ... Read More »

Pasta Salads For Veggie Lovers

 If you are not a vegetarian, I recommend you to clean your body from the meat a little bit by choosing a meal plan, which doesn’t include any meat, at least for a week. You will feel better and lighter. After that refreshing week, start to eat meat slowly. The next week eat no more than three days meat (chicken only), ... Read More »

Top 5 Аnti-Аging Тreatments

People start thinking about their skin when they are middle aged and suddenly they realize they are not going to be young and beautiful forever. I remember when I was 15 years old there were some posters in our school showing the negative effects of smoking, how quickly our skin starts to age when we smoke. I did not smoke ... Read More »

Beach Inspired Nails

Going to the beach or not, sometimes your whole life and personality scream in a want of a fresh beachy manicure. In the summer or when going to a hot place with a beach, people tend to wear bright nail polishes. But sometimes a little bit of a spark and something more interesting is a must. So do you imagine ... Read More »

Your Profile Picture Isn’t a Keeper

You know that the profile picture is your virtual face of your virtual life. Have you ever thought how your profile picture looks in front of the other people and what was your idea of posting it? Do those two factors match together or not so much? Let me show you what your profile picture tells about you: Black & White ... Read More »

Hong Kong for Free

Hong Kong is an overwhelming city. It is gigantic – in matters of buildings, how large the city is and how many people are there. So the city is extreme as a hole. But is also is a very interesting place. It is a clash of cultures and you can experience many different things. Plan a trip to place like ... Read More »

How To Make Your Pores Smaller?

Do you hate the way your pores look? I know I do. Of course every single person in that world has pores, but on different faces they look differently. While some women are blessed to have small pores, that are almost invisible, others just have pores you could see from miles. And it used to be believed that there is ... Read More »

Basic Rules for Smoky Eyes

Every self-respecting girl has to know how to prepare her makeup with just a few tools. These days it is highly important to know how to look good, and more importantly, how to do it fast. We often fight with time, and we often lose that battle. It is odd how we, women, are always late. I think that there ... Read More »

The Ultimate 5-minute Workout

Workouts are very important for our bodies. It is true that we have to eat healthy food, but this is not enough to be in perfect physical and mental health. However, busy women do not have all the time in the world to go to the gym every day. They work, take care of the house and kids (if they ... Read More »