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Exfoliate Your Face in Three Easy Ways

Exfoliating is important. Especially for the face. There is no way for your face to always look fresh if there is much dried out dead skin on the face. So remember that it is important to take good care of it. How does the morning start for your face? It should be with good care. Not just waking up and ... Read More »

How to Control Your Appetite During a Workout

It is a well-known fact that the weight loss process requires three things: Eating well Exercising hard Sleeping enough You can’t achieve the desired results if you skip one of the requirements. The eating plan has to cooperate with the workouts, because you have to count how many pounds you want to lose and then create the calories intake per ... Read More »

Nail Art for Sunny Days

I often decorate my nails alone. I prefer to save the money that I would give in the beauty salon for travels and vacations. It is not hard at all to learn the basic things that allow you to become a DIY nail artist. Down below you will find these basic things and then we will try to make a ... Read More »

Bright Colors for Your Eyes

The Spring is already here and the Summer is getting closer, which means that we have to prepare for the happiest season of them all with proper look, colors, styles and trends. In fact, as I think about it, the fashion is like a school subject, you have to be highly informed if you want to be good and to ... Read More »

A Layer of Flawless Fake Skin

One thing is certain – no one has a skin so perfect like they show us in the beauty magazines. Believe me, there is a lot of makeup products on these faces, also, the Photoshop plays a huge roles too. Remember those leaked picture of Beyoncé without a Photoshop? Well. Our Queen is also a human with not-so-flawless skin. So, ... Read More »

Half Updo with Full Volume

The proper hairstyle will help you to achieve the wanted look very easy. All you have to do is to choose the right hairstyle for to the occasion. Some girls have this gorgeous look that allows them to make a messy and casual hairstyle to look good on a formal event. The first example that pops out in my mind ... Read More »

Apply Your Eye Pencil In a New Way

We have all applied black pencil at one point in our lives or another. It can bring out your eyes and it is usually the easiest solution to a no make up idea crisis. It can be applied in many different shapes. At the waterline, eyelash line, under the eye. And the black pencil is also a good helper when ... Read More »

Bring Some Volume to That Hair

Sometimes we all need some volume to our hair. Many girls though mistakenly make their heads seem like a TV or a box. And you don’t want that. The coolness that looks effortless actually can be achieved, but you should know proportion and what to do. Sometimes a grudgy and a little bit more edgy look can be inspiring. And ... Read More »

Ombre Eyes

Spring and summer are all about colors. We just kind of need them in our lives when those season come. I am usually all black everything black, but in spring and summer I opt for very colorful clothes – maxi dresses and scarves and everything like that. But when I occasionally where my all black uniform I want to change ... Read More »