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Thightening Your Skin After Loosing Weight

You just have some wight – your dream weight. And you bought some new clothes to go with your new figure. That is amazing! Congratulations for you. But then there comes the bigger picture. After loosing weight naturally your skin is saggy. Sometimes if you loose too big amount of pounds, you can be at your goal weight but still ... Read More »

Simple Hair With a Lot of Volume

Are you one of those girls that is wondering everyday what to do with her hair? I guess so. Every girl needs a new hair do every once in a while. If it is one of those days where you just have blow dried you hair, ready to go out and you just stay in front of the mirror wondering ... Read More »

Perfect Office Make up

Don’t let some make up stop you from getting that promotion you have been dreaming for in the last six months. You have to take it very seriously when applying your make up in the morning because you don’t want to look like you have come straight from the night club. As Beyonse sings you have to be “flawless” – ... Read More »

Black on Black

When choosing your make up for the day you should have chosen your clothes prior. For some people thought it is first the make up and then the clothes. Every one just finds what best works for them. For some girls thought there is only one color and look – all black, everything black! And they love it. Don’t we ... Read More »

Get Rid of That Facial Hair

At one or another point of your life you probably have had to deal with facial hair. It most definitely is not a problem only you have. A lot of women nowadays have facial hair. There are some different reasons why most of us get is. Most of the time it is just normal – yet another thing to battle. ... Read More »

Golden Cat Eye Girl

Once December starts, also the holiday season is here. A time in the year like that is made for meeting old friends, parties, gatherings and a lot more. So you have to present yourself good every time, without looking the same every party this year. For Christmas you probably will be at home with your family, but there are all ... Read More »

How to Make a Long-distance Relationship Work?

You are young, in love, all of your lives are ahead of you, but suddenly…Oh, crap! You move to different colleges, or one of you has to start work in another city or even country. Nobody believes you when you tell them that you two will have a long-distance relationship.There is even this proverb “Out of sight, out of mind”. ... Read More »

A Holiday Spin on The Black Eyeliner

Hello, Holidays! Say ‘Bye’ to the intense work or study year you had. Now it is time to relax a little and celebrate a lot. Although this time of the year is counted as a family oriented holiday, it is not exactly and only like that. There are amazingly glamorous and stylish Christmas and New Year’s parties. Depending on where ... Read More »

5 Amazing Places to See While You Are Still Young

So many places to see, and so little time. Well, a person cannot go to every single place on the planet and that is why we have prepared for you a compilation of 5 amazing places to see while you are still young. Why while you are still young? Because you can have a wild party till the morning and ... Read More »

Glamorous Eyebrows

Great defined eyebrows are a thing right now. Probably the trend started out with the supermodel Cara Deligne. Since she was noticed on the runways and her eyebrows were it is become girls obsessions. Although it used to be modern to have thin eyebrows with high arch, now most girls are trying to get thick eyebrows. And no matter thin ... Read More »