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Blue On The Edge

Do you ever get bored with your own make up? I know this sometimes happens to me. The no make up make up look, the pop colored lips, the smokey eye – those are the things we most often do. And from time to time every girl need to get out of her routine and do something new and edgy. ... Read More »

A Colorful Eye For Your Night Out

Some nights opt for some special make up. Special occasions can be overwhelming if you don’t really know what make up to apply. You have to find your perfect clothes and then do the make up and it could be way too much pressure. Instead of wondering what to do for your eyes read along and have something in mind. ... Read More »

DIY Wavy Texture

Sometimes you are not fully satisfied with the look of your hair. That’s not something rare among women’s moods. We often stay unsatisfied with different things, occasions and looks. But that’s alright, because we have so many tricks and ways to improve our look that you shouldn’t worry about it for even a second. You can always come here for ... Read More »

How to Remove Calluses at Home?

Prevent! Once your feet are covered with calluses, don’t you just have something in your mind about your shoes? It turns out that one of the main reasons you get those is that you just don’t know what the right shoes for you are! Once you try on a shoe it should fir you perfectly – like a glove. No ... Read More »

Green Zig-Zag Nails

Your nails are the jewelry of your hands, and if you don’t take care of the jewelry of your hands, you will notice that your hands look ugly without the proper looking jewels – your nails. Please, take a notice that I’m not talking here only about the nail art. I’m talking about the way you maintain your nails – ... Read More »

Blue Mermaid Lids

Putting your makeup on is a piece of art. If you intend (and if you can) create a makeup design that is more sophisticated by the cat-eye liner, I automatically assume that you are an artist. But being a makeup artist is a complex quality. You have to know the colors and how they match the skin complexion, the eye ... Read More »

What Beauty Benefits Can You Get Out Of Eating Citrus Fruits?

People forget how much they could benefit from some natural food and nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are the most natural way to keep yourself healthy, hydrated and beautiful. It turns out that citrus fruits have numerous benefits for you in the beauty department and actually if you incorporate them in your diet daily, you could cut down a lot of ... Read More »

DIY Nail Polish Like a Gum 

Sometimes we are bored with the regular techniques for the nail decoration. If you often do nail arts, then I’m sure that you have mastered the nail arts with the tape strips, the French manicure, the water coloring, the Ombre effect, the sponge technique, etc. When you know all the techniques, you might be bored with all the designs that ... Read More »

DIY Knot Updo

Every special occasion requires a special look either. You can learn how to do your makeup and hairstyle all by yourself, without a need of another person, which can be really helpful when you are out of time and have to look great for less then 10 minutes. Down below I will show you a tutorial of a great knotted updo ... Read More »

Why You Should Watch The Flight Attendant

We live in times when the traveling is one of the easiest ways to reach a certain destination. It is fast and cheap to fly in a plane, but there is a small risk of course (keep in mind that the risk of having a car accident is bigger than having a plane crash). After all, the plane crash is more dangerous ... Read More »