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5 Great Ways to Wear a Colourful Scarf

The scarf and its variations are a great accessory and every woman should have a few of them in her wardrobe. We`d like to offer you 5 greatl ways to wear them and brighten up your day. 1. To freshen up your black outfit Let the colourful scarf be your accent on the black outfit. No matter is you are ... Read More »

Chocolate – A Friend, Not Foe

We all know this sweet temptation, melting in your mouth, giving you one of the best feeling in the world. We simply cannot resist having a piece of chocolate, because, well… just because it is chocolate. This is the perfect gift, which brings people closer together and makes them smile. But is it a friend or foe? And which type ... Read More »

Renting a Vacation Home – 10 Golden Rules – Part 1

No one wants their vacation ruined. You can prevent some renting issues, which may arise by following these 10 golden rules and enjoy your holiday. 1. Use only trustworthy sources If you look for your vacation home through the Internet, always check the credibility of the website. Don`t get deceived by offers, which sound too good to be true. You ... Read More »

Fashion History – Our Favorite Lesson

If I had to choose my subjects in high school, the Fashion history will definitely be one of my favorite subjects. We take the clothes for granted, but designers are working hard to satisfy our fashion needs. There are some curious facts that will intrigue you for sure. An elastic strap for a bra is invented by Mark Twain.  The first Levi’s jeans ... Read More »

Great Hair Care Tips You Can Do At Home

We all want beautiful, strong and healthy hair, but the hair care products that are sold in drugstores are full of chemicals and they not always help our hair stay as healthy as we want it to be. That’s why we often use home-made masks, conditioners and other hair treatments that aren’t filled with chemicals and other bad ingredients and ... Read More »

Don’t Forget These Steps in Your Beauty Routine!

Beauty routines are a huge obsession for us, women. We know the basics: moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, and painting your nails, for instance. But actually constructing your beauty routine is a lot more complicated, especially if you are not blessed with normal, flawless skin, but have to struggle with dark circles, pimples, large pores, redness, etc. Moreover, many women do not ... Read More »

Enchant Him

Sometimes we think too much about relationships and when we try too hard to make the things right, we make mistakes. When you want to enchant a man you should keep it simple and natural. If you make him like you while you act like someone else, what kind of relationship you will have? Of course, there are some tricks, ... Read More »