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Why Dressing Up In Spring Is Tough?

Spring is here already. And that is a great thing. I personally adore the fact that the weather is warm and there is the sun. My main thought though is that the summer is almost here. And I think it is like that for many people. And happiness is upon us through the whole time. Because how can you not ... Read More »

Retro Look For Chic Ladies

We often talk about trends and this leaves impression that we are interested only in the newest fashion designs and styles. This is not true, we adore the vintage and retro looks as well. In fact, what is the vintage style? It is a retro inspired design that adjusts to the newest trends. If you succeed in styling your look ... Read More »

5 Things Showering After Workout Will Improve

1.    Goodbye Smell No matter if you do sweat or do not, there will be some smell added to your body after any workout. And if you are someone who sweats a lot during an active workout, then there definitely will be a heavy smell, you don’t want anyone else to feel. Sweat and smell are both connected to bacteria. ... Read More »

What Happens When You Travel And Go Completely Broke?

Traveling is one of the best experiences anyone could get. To travel is to reach new world and new places into your soul. Wanderlust is one of those feelings, if you get once, you never get rid of. What happens though if you go completely broke while you travel? Well, it is one of the best things that could happen ... Read More »

Kiss Stamps On Your Nails

The decoration of the nails is an essential part of your look. You shouldn’t allow yourself to walk around with chopped and old nail polish, especially if the colors are dark, it is noticeable from miles away. If you know that you don’t have enough time to take care of your manicure, you should paint your nails with nude color or find ... Read More »

What To Wear To A Cocktail Party

Cocktails are those events you have to pamper up to go to. They are like art for the fashion shows. There are different types of cocktails. Some opt for more casual clothing. And others need more elegant and almost black tie attire. There is one thing that could always work for a cocktail party – the LBD. But if you ... Read More »

From A Beauty Fail To A Beauty Trend

There are things in fashion, we say ‘No, No!’ to. And they are kind of fashion fails, that everybody hates. Those are things you should never be seen with. I guess you know what I mean. When we are talking about beauty, it is the same thing. We have always avoided certain looks. But in the last couple of seasons, ... Read More »

The Things Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Need to Know Yet

Are there things that your boyfriend is not supposed to know? Probably not. Of course secrets are not a good thing. And once you are in a relationship, it is good to tell the other person everything. But there are things you shouldn’t put in his face. Let’s say spare him some ‘goods’ about yourself. But what am I talking ... Read More »

Summer Image For Your Nails

The colors of the summer are: Sand beige; Sky blue; And the white color of the meerschaum.  We can use these colors to create the following nail art, but first we have to prepare for the decoration. Take care of the hand skin and the nails first. Exfoliate the skin of the hands with a hand scrub and use it on ... Read More »

6 Problem Only Hat-Lovers Will Understand

Hats are amazing. They could be both an accessory, a protector from the sun, and even an umbrella (yes, when you do not have umbrella in your bag and it starts raining, what do you thing you can use to protect your hair from it?). But for some people hats are something more, there are a way of life. An ... Read More »