Baby Skin Soft Feet

Baby Skin Soft Feet

In my opinion, it is important to take good care of your body the entire year. Sometimes I want to act lazy about my skin and beauty, only because it is winter and nobody sees my skin, but if the regular care is cut off, the results won’t be so pretty when you have to wear open shoes like sandals and thin strapped high heels. Ugly and rough heels won’t be sexy at all. But if you are responsible enough the exfoliate and moisturize your feet and heels, you won’t have even a hint of concern about your flawless skin and look.

Make the level of the foot care as high & important as the facial skin care, because your feet can be damaged from different factors, like beautiful, but uncomfortable shoes, long-distance walks in high heels or foot sweat caused by synthetic fabrics (socks or cheap shoes). Sometimes rough and cracked heel skin is caused by athlete’s foot or problems with the endocrine system or some hormonal problems.

In order to have soft and smooth feet skin, you have to spoil them daily, or at least twice a week. That spoiling includes exfoliating and moisturizing. We gathered some ideas for good self care of your feet skin. Take a look:

Every foot  treatment has to start with rough skin softening. That can happen in several ways: dip your feet into a hot bath, add to that hot bath some liquid soap, sea salt or baking soda, even an yeast will do the work, soak your feet at least 15 minutes in that “broth”. Then remove the feet from the bath and clean them with pumice, be gentle so you won’t damage the healthy skin underneath the dead one.

Then dry them with a soft towel and moisturize immediately. Apply universal body lotion or special foot cream. Or if you are running out of these cosmetics, you can use warm olive oil as a moisturizer.

It’s good for you to visit the salon from time to time, the professionals use expensive and particular cosmetic products, which will work better and the effect will last longer. Another great benefit of that beauty salon visit is that your nails will be prettier than ever. Go on and book an appointment. Take good care of your body from tips to toes – literally.

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