Beginners: How To Wear Color This Spring

Beginners: How To Wear Color This Spring

So winter is about to be over. And after all the blacks, greys and dark colors we have been wearing in the last couple of months it is about time, to start thinking about our transition wardrobe and some color.

The spring is a season filled with color, because of the nature and of its awakening and beauty. And you probably enjoy it very much. So you should probably incorporate thinner fabrics and loads of colors.For people who usually don’t wear color or you are just stepping into the fashionable world there are some things to do at first.

Bold color

It may sound a little bit of scary. But bold color and a statement aren’t all about beeing in color.

A great idea how to make your wardrobe fresher than what it is right now it so find a bold bad. It doesn’t matter what size it is. The only key here is the color. A pop of red or pink would look great for a more colorful and fun spring.

You could also apply the same bold color thing with the shoes. Some red sneakers or deep blue heels would be perfect to change up a bit, what you already own.

No black!

So make up your mind that you don’t want to wear black one day of the week for example. It might be hard for the all black lovers, but it will chenge your whole appearance and you will start loving it.

Try a combination of browns and nudes. For example a high wasted floor length skirt in a natural color. A polo shirt and a leather jacket or blazer in brownish would compliment each other very well.

Exactly what items you choose depends on you. But don’t go for navy or very dark greens and purples. They will look similar to the black and you will go back to square one. Opt for lighter and more natural colors. Combine shades that are close to one another. Don’t forget to apply the same rule for the accessories!


Pastel colors are very similar to the ones that are naturally all around us in the spring. For color beginner it is a color that is easy to get over and it won’t scare you.

A perfect combination for you is a shirt for example in a baby pink, pastel blue or yellow. You could easily combine it with anything else you usually wear and it won’t make that much of a splash. Jeans, black pencil skirts or pantsuits will be complimented by something in a pastel color.

To add up a little bit to the look just choose a lip gloss that has some kind of pinkish tint – a natural one. It will bring up your game a little bit!


A solid color is a must. No matter what you love. And a solid color shouldn’t be scaring you. In the beginning of spring especially when it is the time that we have a transition wardrobe. It is one of those things that will work for both spring and autumn without it looking not in place.

I am talking about something in pine green or seaweed green. It is not too loud, it is solid and it good. The same applies for the darker hues of the red – burgundy for example is an amazing color, that compliments all skin colors.

So you are wandering what can I get in that solid color? The answer is easy – a biker jacket! I know you have a deep love for your black one, but try something new! (if you are not daring to go for the burgundy or green biker, opt for a blazer!)

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