Being Stylish Without Having Too Much Money

Being Stylish Without Having Too Much Money

If you are young you probably want to look stylish and fashionable. But that is often way too hard. People think that style and being stylish is all about brands and having money. But it turns out that it is not exactly like that. You can be stylish and look like the person you want to be just by choosing the right stuff. There are nowadays many options for fashion and make up and looks on the budget, that is awesome.

Fast fashion

You know style doesn’t come only from designers like Chanel, YSL or brand store. Nowadays fast fashion is everywhere around you – in the malls and streets and actually stores like H&M , ASOS and Zara offer pretty great things that are in style, without you paying hundreds of dollars.

Just remember that you have to choose pieces that you only like very much and have a way to pair. Don’t overload your closet with stuff you won’t even consider wearing just because of the price.

Ebay & Etsy

Before spending 300 dollars on boots or a bag or being sad, because you can’t have them just check Ebay and Etsy. Those two sites are a fashion dream. Once you get the drill of it you can get everything you ever dreamed of on a reasonable price and even shipping is not that much.

Do your research and than search for the items you want. You can even score vintage Chanel or YSL at a price you won’t believe. Think about style without spending too much money then!


Jewels bring the best in an outfit and a person. Knowing how to accessorize is a great skill you probably already have and you should use as often as possible. Some outfits speak for themselves and don’t really need any embellishment and accessories. An all black outfit for example always can be elevated by a colorful over sized necklace. Or a simple outfit of jeans and a T-shirt can be benefited greatly by some statement earrings.

Simple and statement accessories are also something that can be found on some reasonable prices. Flea markets, clothing stores, hand made stores offer a great variety of jewels you can rock on!

Untapped stores

Have you ever just wandered around the streets and found some nice little store or a second hand one that was filled with great goods on pricey you couldn’t believe? Yeah, right. You probably have. And your city and everywhere you go is a place filled with those. You just have to have the eyes to see them. Once you find your magical secrets around the city you will notice how differently you will start thinking about brands and money spent on clothes.

Remember great fashion is not about the tag or price tag. It is about feeling good in your own skin and your own clothes.

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