Best Accessories for Fall  – Part 1

Best Accessories for Fall – Part 1

Fall makes most of us really excited in terms of fashion for several reasons. First, as the new season starts, new collections emerge in stores with a variety of cool potential purchases out there to satisfy our shopping needs. Second of all, new trends challenge us to experiment. Lst but not least, while during the summer we did not wear much clothes, now we have the opportunity to play around with layering, with many accessories and cool outerwear. As we mention accessories, let’s have a look at some great ideas on how to change up your look and make it more interesting with little bits and pieces!

  • Beanie – As 90s fashion became a huge hit in the past year, beanies became one of the signature accessories. Their cool street vibe make them perfect to make an outfit a little edgier. Not to mention that they are the perfect way to hide your head on a bad hair day! Get a cool basic-colored beanie as the weather gets windier and you will keep yourself warm and still look very cool!
  • The Bucket Bag – Everyone needs a cool new bag as the new season comes. The bucket bag is perfect since it is both big enough to fit all the crazy stuff women carry and it looks stylish and interesting, as opposed to something very basic and boring. The only problem is that you might have a hard time finding yourkeys in it, but, oh well, let’s make sacrifices in the name of fashion!
  • Leather Gloves – These beauties definitely bring some sophistication to every outfit. You may choose a basic black pair, or go with something edgier, with a zipper on the side or with bows on the wrists. Nevertheless, the variety which is available in stores will definitely satisfy your needs!
  • Embellished Headband – Remember how two years ago the Roaring 20s trend was a huge trend, partially because of the ecranization of Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby? If you were totally in love with it, the good news is that it is not completely gone! A pretty feminine embellished headband in your hair is the perfect finish to a stylish look for a night out!
  • Multi – Chain Necklace with Pendants – Long necklaces with all kinds of pendants – clocks, flowers, animals, etc. – are back, only this time they are even sold in packs of two or three. Layer them, mix metals (different shades of gold, silver, and bronze can go together). You can wear them over casual sweaters or little black dresses, and it will look good in both cases!
  • Turban Headband – Sounds like a very weird thing to put on your head, right? However, this slightly exotic accessory is very useful on a cold day, without destroying your hair, like a hat would do. We promise, it is very trendy and looks awesome!

Image :  Serg-Zastavkin Fotolia

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