Best Pairs To Keep You Stylish

Best Pairs To Keep You Stylish

There are a few styling pairs which are like Soul-mates when they are put one next to another. I’m talking about colors and designs. Take a look:

  • Emerald green and black. You will look like you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your outfit. The emerald is the color of the kings and if you have a certain emerald accent somewhere in your outfit. And don’t match it with too many colors. The best decision is to combine it with the classic black. Image this: Long, strapless dress with chiffon and long enormous emerald earrings gently touching your shoulders. If that’s not stylish, I can’t think of anything else.

  • Fur & Denim. This pair is for more casual looks. The chilly winter days require solid layers of clothing all over us. And the stylish way of wearing many, many layers and to stay warm is to add a furry top. For instance, you can wear your favorite jeans and a black leather jacket, but on top of the jacket put on fluffy vest.

  • I must be the last person to recommend you leopard, because I hate all kinds of  animal prints, but there is one style that I am willing to accept – leopard and red.  And if you don’t overdo it (the leopard) this will be one of the most stylish combinations ever! Here is my idea: white shirt, bright jeans, a black blazer, red ankle boots (high heels), red lips and  black sunglasses with leopard frames and leopard clutch handbag. That’s my dream look for a Saturday walk around the city, while I do my shopping relax.

  • Stripes and Leather. You won’t make a mistake if you match striped blouse and leather pants or skip the leather pants and keep the leather jacket. Also choose ankle boots for this style. The large bag is a must-have item for an outfit like this one. Keep the colors dull and pastel. For instance, burgundy, pastel dark green and navy blue. A white blouse with black horizontal stripes will be a perfect decision for your leather biker trousers.

These ideas for stylish combinations are highly subjective because people have different preferences and if emerald and black are the most stylish combination for me, maybe for you it is the leopard and red. The point of the styling tips and the fashion trends is to guide you while you search your personal style, which will happen only when you be brave to experiment with colors, designs and different looks.

Keep up with the latest trendy colors and find the models of clothes with fits perfectly your body and flatters it. We are unique and that’s why the boyfriend jeans will look great on you and make me look like a homeless person.  The most recommended trick for looking stylish and well dressed is to get your clothes tailored. If the clothing item fits perfectly to your body, you will have no concerns at all.


Image : pio3- Fotolia

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