Bigger Lips Tutorial

Bigger Lips Tutorial

The Mother Nature doesn’t love all of us equally, that’s why some of us doesn’t have plump lips, while Angelina Jolie took our share. But we have out Beauty tricks, we have our makeup and recipes, which will show that Mother Nature that she is not fair enough to give all of the puffiness to the Angie’s lips. See how to make your lips bigger and fuller just in several steps:

First of all you should conceal your lips. Dot on the length of your lower lip and smudge with fingers. This highlighting will give your lip a 3D effect, which will make your lip look fuller than it actually is. It’s small, but important step.

Contour the lips. A lip liner could be your savior when it comes to bigger lips. Line your lips just slightly outside their borders. Use one tone darker lip pencil than your desired lipstick color. That’s how your lips will pop out even more. The difference between your natural lip line and your contouring line will be no more than a couple of millimeters, but the difference will be huge. Fill in the lips with the very same lip pencil. That’s how they will look natural and soft.

The color. The specialists recommend nude colors or just slightly pink or peach, but nothing too dark. Bright color makes the lips look light and fluffy, while the darker shades make the lips appear smaller.

The lip gloss. The shine of the lips gloss is increasing the look of the 3D effect. Some people prefer to add just a touch of gloss, at the center of the lower lip (like we did with the concealer). Try both ways and decide which one is working best for you.

To seal the deal you can highlight your cupid’s bow. This simple and easy step will add an extra bit of depth, which for sure will create the illusion of fuller lips.

That’s how you can make your lips appear bigger with the help of your makeup friends, but I’ll give you another thick, it’s more natural and easier – cinnamon. Just mix up some cinnamon with vaseline and apply to your lips. Let it work for several minutes. The cinnamon will irritate your lip skin and bring the blood close to the skin surface, which will make the lips reddish and swollen. Enjoy your bigger lips!

Image :  PalatovskyStudio-Fotolia

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