Blush to Shadow – Amazing Idea

Blush to Shadow – Amazing Idea

You know how in an emergency situation we can use some of our makeup products as other makeup products. For instance, you can use your mascara as eyeliner. Just use a small flat brush to get the material from the mascara brush and apply it to your lash line. Here are some great ideas for re-use your makeup products. Just take a look and I hope these tricks will be useful for you:

Your BB Cream can turn into leg enlarger. The BB cream contains shimmer and if you add some of it on your shin bone to make it glow and look straight and long. This little trick will make your summer legs sexy and desired.

Another use of your eyeliner, unless the shadow idea, is to use it as a brow corrector if you accidently plugged out some more hairs from your brows. Just fill in carefully with the brush of the eyeliner.

You can use your concealer as lip and eye lid primer. You will prepare the skin a perfect way and the colors will pop out more. Also the lipstick or the eye shadows will last longer if there is some kind of primer underneath them. A concealer will do that job perfectly.

An extraordinary use of the mascara is to fill in those ugly scuffs on your shoes. Put on some of the mascara product on a paper towel and fill in the cracked spots of the leather.

Use your lipstick as a blush when your face is too pale and you want to add some glow. Use your fingers to smudge it evenly.

Use your eye shadow as a bronzer. Use gold, shimmering eye shadow to give your skin a sun-kissed glow.

Another great double use of makeup product is to use your blush as an eye shadow. It will work great on white skin, a pale one. That’s how your eyes will perfectly match the fake blood flood on your cheeks. It is light and casual makeup design, so if you want something more sophisticated you have to rely on shadow palette. But you can also use the blush to add some more color at the forehead, that’s how you will give your face more overall color.

I hope there was something you didn’t know already and if you are interested in Beauty hacks and tricks stay tuned for even more great ideas!


Image :  Subbotina-Anna Fotolia


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