Botox in the Scalp: The New Perfect Hair Treatment?

Botox in the Scalp: The New Perfect Hair Treatment?

Lately, the beauty industry has been surprising us with a plethora of weird ideas: snail extract in face cream, purple or pink hair dye to make us look like a unicorn, placenta in hair masks to make our mane stronger and thicker, or bee venom. Basically, cosmetic companies are constantly trying to come up with something that seems incredibly efficient, exciting, exotic and interesting.

So it is no surprise that sometimes women can go to extremes. It is not only the market that is shaping women’s preferences and consumer behavior: it is also their vanity and media manipulation over appearance and the “norms” celebrities, for example, are setting for us. When we heard about women desperate to make a blowout last for as long as possible, it was not shocking that the latest tool to block sweat along the hairline is indeed Botox injections in their scalp. Indeed, the method sounds rather drastic and we are slightly ambivalent about its effectiveness.

Maybe you have heard about botox and its uses mainly related to smoothing the skin and hiding wrinkles. Yes, it is quite popular with women (or men, as a matter of fact) who want to hide aging skin. However, it has also been FDA-approved as a treatment to help prevent sweating in different body areas: underarms, hands and feet for about ten years. It basically blocks the communication between the neuron and the sweat gland. It blocks acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. The effect of botox on the minimization of sweating in the area in which Botox is injected can last between six and twelve months.

Scalp injections are not FDA-approved, but dermatologists can use a range of products for off-label uses as long as they are sure that they are safe for the patient. Doctors had met patients who workout and home quite a lot and complain of severe scalp sweat. It bothers people as it can destroy your hair, but no one wants to wash it on a daily basis. Also, it is not quite healthy for your hair. Doctors started proposing Botox as a relieving treatment as it would work the same way it does for palms or feet, for example. Specialists believe that the approach would be quite effective as the results would be quite similar to what it does to other body parts. Botox injections in the scalp are actually already used in neurology for migraines.

It sounds so perfect: is it that great? First of all, it may not stop sweating completely. As with everything in the beauty industry, each person’s organism determines the effectiveness of the treatment. Results can be quite diverse. There is a benefit if the Botox is injected close to the hairline: it may slightly reduce forehead wrinkles. Two birds with one stone, right? Still, side effects might include a risk for a droop in the brows and eyelids when Botox is used in the muscle that keeps the forehead up. Also, the treatment might be quite expensive as the scalp is a large portion of skin.

Overall, Botox injections are an expensive tool that can be effective or not for your hair appearance. Meanwhile, you can just decrease frizz of your hair or fight post-workout scalp sweat in one of the following ways:

  • Moisturize richly: Good conditioners, masks and oils will hydrate your hair, make it softer and less frizzy.
  • Look for the products with “frizz-free” functions: The ones that contain keratin or cocoa butter can really make a difference and the good news is that there are even nice drugstore products at good price.
  • Go for dry shampoo: Dry shampoo can get rid of oiliness in the roots. Just spray and comb through!


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