Botox in the Scalp: The New Perfect Hair Treatment?

Lately, the beauty industry has been surprising us with a plethora of weird ideas: snail extract in face cream, purple or pink hair dye to make us look like a unicorn, placenta in hair masks to make our mane stronger and thicker, or bee venom. Basically, cosmetic companies are constantly trying to come up with something that seems incredibly efficient, ... Read More »

The Skin Problems Caused by Allergies

Usually, extreme temperatures and weather conditions can be quite detrimental to everyone’s skin, especially those of you whose skin is fairly sensitive. If you are fairly prone to redness, you might get irritated by anything in the air: pollution, humidity, lack of humidity, strong sunlight, etc. Besides, being sweaty does not help in the summer: it can clog your pores, ... Read More »

How to Save Money on Cosmetics

Our contemporary society is constantly urging us to spend more and more money or irrelevant purchases. Consumerism is attacking us from everywhere, as magazines, blogs and vloggers are showing us tons of products and clothing items that are very cool and trendy. However, sometimes a girl needs to stop and think for a second: “Do I really need all these ... Read More »

The Benefits of the Rose: One of Nature’s Best Gifts

Have you noticed that cosmetics based on natural products are somewhat more trustworthy? They create this feeling that you are using something that the environment has produced for you, so it will only make the product work better. There is a wide variety of miracle workers found in nature: coconut, chamomile, aloe vera, honey, jojoba, etc. The extracts found in ... Read More »

The Ultimate Summer Problem: Sweat

Sweating, as you know, is the production of fluids secreted by the sweat glands in our skin. Now that it is summer and the weather is crazy hot, you might have become a victim of the sweaty problem. I have been astonished with the fact that some girls just do not get sweaty: I do not know if that is healthy or ... Read More »

How to Deal with Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be one of the most annoying appearance problems that is hard to deal with, especially on vacation. You are taking tons of pictures and you want to look great, with your smooth locks shining in the sun and just emphasizing your perfect tan. However, if you are headed somewhere where the weather is hot and the sea ... Read More »

How to Make Your Tan Last Longer

Can you imagine yourself lying on the beach or next to the pool, listening to either the calming sound of the waves or the silence of your vacation, holding a cocktail in one hand and wearing a beautiful hat to hide your face from the sun? Well, we can, for sure. Summer is here and so is the usual tanning ... Read More »

How to Deal with Sunburn

The sun is out and immediately everyone is a little bit more excited than usual. We know that sunshine can reveal every single flaw on our bodies or skin; however, we still love it when it appears. Yes, cellulite and pigmentation is more visible, hair removal becomes a struggle and an absolute must, while you are trying to make the ... Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Skin After Hair Removal

It is summer, which means that women are desperately trying to preserve their bodies in a perfectly smooth condition. It can be a struggle, especially if you have not built an efficient strategy for the hair removal method and skincare which is most suitable for your skin type and organism as a whole. Each woman has a different rate of ... Read More »

How to Achieve Skin Worthy of Envy

Do you ever look at the cover of a magazine or in spreads inside and wonder: is this all Photoshop or does this woman actually have such flawless skin? Then, you go on Instagram and discover that Nina Dobrev, for example, is indeed as beautiful as you thought even on unprofessional photos. The inconvenient truth is that most of these ... Read More »