Funny Technique For Gorgeous Decoration

The summer is coming and your job is to prepare for it with proper look and trendy designs. Today I want to show you a nail decoration that requires extraordinary technique to be created. Take a look: Before the work with the nail polishes, you have to prepare the nails for the decoration. Here are the steps: Clean the nails ... Read More »

Ombre Is Back

Some decorating designs will never get old, you can tell that only by the gorgeous look they create. For instance, let’s discuss the Ombre effect and why it will stay forever, but first, I want to count the placed where you can use the Ombre effect: Hairstyle; Nail art; Clothes; Shoes and accessories; Interior design; Food; Makeup; A car painting; ... Read More »

10 Nail Polishes That Will Make You Instantly Look Tanned

Have you noticed that when you put on makeup you look absolutely different, in the good sense, of course? Or when you put on earrings, it is like your whole expression changes. Isn’t it absolutely amazing that something so small can make a big change in your appearance? The good news is that even nail polish can do something to ... Read More »

Snowflake Nail Art

Winter is not for everyone. But for those who love it it is filled with great emotions and fulfillment when there is snow. For winter lovers and especially the people that skii and ride snowboards there is nothing better than winter wonderland filled with snow. For us girls, no matter how much we are into the winter, we always have ... Read More »

Perfect Nails For Your Christmas Days

The holidays are our inspirations for makeup, clothes, hairstyles and nail art. They give us themes for every single part of your look. You can easily use them as a muse and try to arrange your own style for the holidays. Let’s talk about Christmas, because it is closer than any other holiday. How about decorating your nails with snowmen ... Read More »

Watercolor Nails Tutorial

It’s coming a moment where we are going to have a lot free time for our favorite activities, such as: Makeup Hairstyles DIY projects Cooking time Nail art etc. Now I want to talk a little bit more about nail art and later we may continue with the rest of the so delightful activities. Imagine this scenario: Your Christmas vacation is ... Read More »

Romantic Nail Art

For a romantic date you must be fully prepared, especially with your look. You have to pay attention to every little detail bow for your look and your behavior. Let’s say that you have a first date with your crush tonight. We have to run through different themes and situations and how you will look at these moments, what kind of ... Read More »

How To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

One of the things I hate in being a woman is the fact that I have to constantly take care of the way my nails look. That means at least once a week I have to take off my old nail polish, apply a new one, file my nails, remove the cuticles and make sure that they‘re strong and won‘t ... Read More »

Emergency Nail Polish Removers 

I know that you love to have dark colored nail polishes on your nails. But it is really annoying to remove that dark nail polish. And that’s the true reason for getting lazy about the removing when the nail polish is cracked and removed partly, that’s the time when your nails look extremely unmaintained and ugly. I’ll tell you a ... Read More »

6 Things You Need to Know About Your Nails

Here are a couple of things you need to know about your nails in order to make sure you take proper care and are aware of what signs they are giving you about your overall health. 1. Cutting the cuticles of the nails will take away their strength and beauty after some time. This intervention leaves the nails defenseless and ... Read More »