Cosmetic Products which You Do Not Need to Buy

Women today are placed under a lot of pressure to look good: media often creates an image of female beauty that is hard, if not impossible to achieve, since it is aided by Photoshop and tons of professional makeup. However, we all strive to look our best and end up spending a great amount of money on beauty products every ... Read More »

Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

Halloween costumes sometimes require a lot of dedication: hair, makeup, clothes, etc., so why not use your nails to scare people too? Here are some great ideas: Splattered Blood: Apply a base coat and then a white nail polish. Drop a little red nail polish and then start splattering it with a toothpick. The more chaotic it is, the more ... Read More »

Beauty Hacks For Your Nail Art

Maybe the nails are the most unfavorable surface for beauty designs and decorations. The reason for this is obvious – we use our hands all the time to do all kinds of work – dishes, picking up the phone from the table, scratching your leg over the denim fabric, searching keys in the bag and so on. All the small, in ... Read More »

Save Your Nail Art For Long Long Time

Being beautiful isn’t only about one treatment or to look great only for a day. We desire that state of body and mind to last forever. Well, forever isn’t for us, the rabble, let the Gods have their forever, we will try to be amazing at least for one lifetime. Right after we feel great and beautiful, it’s our duty ... Read More »

How To Choose The Best Nail Shape For You

Every person is different – we all have different faces, bodies, hair, eyes, etc. We have different hands with different fingers, too. Which, if you a man, won‘t be that important, but for us, as women, this may have a big role in choosing one of the most important things in a woman‘s appearance – her nails. There are so ... Read More »

DIY Beautiful Negative Space Nails

Beautiful, feminine nails has always been a sign of a classy woman. Throughout the ages, women used a wide variety of techniques to make their nails look good, including henna dying. The closest cousin of the contemporary nail polish appeared in 17 century, during the Victorian age. Throughout the next three centuries, it flourished and became popular in many European ... Read More »

Manicure Trends for Fall 2014/2015

Fall is most fashionistas’ favourite season because it brings all these new looks and trends to the table, whether  we are talking about clothes, accessories, makeup or hairstyles. If you are one of the girls obsessed with your nails, this new season will bring some great ideas to the table for you! There is a lot of variety, some of ... Read More »