10 Nail Polishes That Will Make You Instantly Look Tanned

Have you noticed that when you put on makeup you look absolutely different, in the good sense, of course? Or when you put on earrings, it is like your whole expression changes. Isn’t it absolutely amazing that something so small can make a big change in your appearance? The good news is that even nail polish can do something to ... Read More »

10 Tips For Your No-makeup Makeup Look

When you notice the makeup designs on the latest fashion shows, you will see that the no-makeup technique is becoming a big thing. I think that this trend will stay longer than we expect, but only the time will show. Let’s see what kind of  tricks will help us to achieve this amazing look: Choose the powder wisely. It is ... Read More »

Change The Way You Wash Your Hair

You always have to work hard when you want to achieve a certain goal. Let’s skip the deep stuff for a second and talk a little bit about your beauty goals. More often than you think, beauty partners with health, which means that you have to take care of your health basically and then upgrade above that base the beauty ... Read More »

 Why You Must Get Rid of Toxins

It’s a well-known fact that many of the products we use (eat, drink, apply) are unhealthy and have high levels of toxins, which has a certain negative effect on our bodies. Another issue that is capable of putting toxins in our bodies is the polluted environment, the air we breathe. That’s why we have to search ways to get the toxins ... Read More »

5 Beauty Products You Should Never Share

We have friends who are like sisters to us and we like sharing with them a lot of our things like clothes or shoes and even makeup products. Some things, however, you should never share even with your boyfriend. You probably know that one of them is your toothbrush, because it is absolutely gross, but what are the rest of ... Read More »

Dry Skin Areas & How To Treat Them

Dry facial skin is capable of ruining your day. First of all, the makeup problems. The foundation layer will look absolutely disgusting when it is set above dry skin. And a moisturizer can’t help when the area is bigger and the cuticles are in a sheet like size. Sometimes you blame the dry areas of your facial skin on the cold weather, ... Read More »

Makeup Ideas For Your Job Interview

If you are in that period of your life, where you are still searching for the perfect job, I know that you are sending a lot of CVs to different companies and positions and you are feeling like the dreamed job interview for the perfect position will never come. Don’t worry, the sunny and bright day will come and then ... Read More »

Coffee Is The New Skin’s BFF

Recently, researchers have found more and more benefits of the coffee. I’m not sure that this is relevant. Sometimes I think that we read about coffee benefits, because we love it so much that we are blind to the harm, but I don’t really care. Check out what I found about the coffee intake and its benefits. There are research results ... Read More »

Slimmer Face With Makeup Tricks

If you know exactly where to put your makeup you will be able to create the exact look you want. You will also have to master some techniques of makeup application in order to do that. Today we will talk about makeup techniques which will make your face look slimmer: Contouring and highlighting. You know that technique, I’m sure of ... Read More »

How to Get a Cool Bob Haircut

A bob haircut is a short haircut for women, which is often straight around the face. It is often to the level of the jaw and sometimes with bangs. When we look at celebrities with bob haircuts they look great but when we try such haircuts it is just not as sexy. We look like moms. If you wonder what ... Read More »