How to Apply Eyeshadow the Best Possible Way

Makeup can be a lot tougher than people expect. Bloggers and makeup artists on Youtube or Pinterest make everything look so effortless and easy! It seems that with a quick move of their hands, they create the perfect skin tone, winged eyeliner or smoky eye. However, in reality, things can be a lot different. Many of you have probably struggled ... Read More »

Heatless Hairstyles for Healthier Hair

New season has arrived, so all of us should try and spice up our beauty routine at least a little bit. From brighter colors on our nails and in our closet, to a little less makeup and special skincare, habits should slightly alter as the temperatures go higher. We are strong supporters of the idea that healthy, beautiful hair can ... Read More »

The Food Path towards Beautiful Skin

You will be surprised to find out that what you eat has a greater impact on your appearance than just adding a few extra kilograms to your weight when you have been binge-eating junk food. Your daily meal choices can actually contribute to the condition of your hair, your skin and your overall health. If you can balance the substances ... Read More »

Makeup Mistakes Which Make You Look Older

Makeup is one of women’s most powerful weapons when it comes to their appearance. It has evolved so much that you can achieve a brilliant look with affordable products (but the right ones!) and just a little skillful technique. Tons of tutorials online teach you how to move your hand and contour your face to deceive the eye of what ... Read More »

Six Home Remedies for Oily Skin

Having oily skin becomes particularly annoying in the summer. The heat causes you to sweat a lot which fills in your pores and makes you break out even more. Not to mention how you cannot find a good-quality product that will truly mattify your skin and you do not become a shining example of oiliness! The most common mistake made ... Read More »

How to Avoid Annoying Tan Lines

The summer is here, oh yes, the summer is here! The season of sand and waves, of sunshine (and tons of SPF, of course), of dreamy beaches, summer romances and beautiful maxi dresses has arrived. Once of the best things about our summer look is indeed the bronze color some of us are able to achieve. It is a lot ... Read More »

Homemade Lip Product Ideas

Every girl loves having an opulent arsenal of beauty products in her drawer. First of all, you body care collection usually requires a shower gel, a lotion or body butter, probably a scrub, something for hair removal and fragrances, of course. Then, you have your face products: moisturizer, eye cream, cleanser, mask, scrub, some special treatment, and makeup, of course. ... Read More »

Face Mask Recipes to Try Out This Summer

There is nothing better than some homemade cosmetics. First of all, you are entirely aware of what you are applying to your skin. Second of all, the pure content of your DIY products can actually be a lot healthier and more beneficial to your skin. The chemicals like parabens, colorants, and preservatives that you can find in store-bought cosmetic products ... Read More »

The Biggest Bedtime Sins for the Beauty of Every Girl

How many times have you fallen asleep in front of the TV or laptop in the living room? Then you wake up, grumpy and basically still asleep, and you realize that you need to get to bed as quickly as possible or you will feel terrible in the morning. However, there is much to be done before going to bed ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Skin Efficiently Hydrated

The summer season is usually a very dry season when it comes to every part of your organism. Even though you get sweaty and annoyed, that does not mean your skin is well moisturized. On the contrary, it is losing water, so you need to provide more freshness and health for it. Hydrating your skin can prevent it from getting ... Read More »