Makeup Looks to Try This Fall

Fall is one of the most exciting times of the year because of the new fashion season. A lot of trends come along with it: hair, clothes, accessories, and makeup. Our skincare and makeup routines change as tan starts fading away and the cold weather makes our skin more sensitive and wanting different things from us. Redness, dark circles, and ... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Thick, strong and beautiful hair is, in my opinion, what can improve your whole appearance in seconds. You would not need too much makeup or any special outfit to look very pretty, if your locks are healthy and looking stunning! However, it is a very difficult job to style your hair and prevent any damage to it at the moment. ... Read More »

Beauty Hacks For Your Nail Art

Maybe the nails are the most unfavorable surface for beauty designs and decorations. The reason for this is obvious – we use our hands all the time to do all kinds of work – dishes, picking up the phone from the table, scratching your leg over the denim fabric, searching keys in the bag and so on. All the small, in ... Read More »

Great Hairstyles When You Are Working Out

If you follow social media thoroughly, you have noticed one of the biggest lifestyle trends which are being fit. It is not important only to be skinny now, but to workout, have a healthy diet (not to starve to death!), and look good when you are wearing your bikinis. Not to mention that there are huge health benefits for your ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Dry Shampoo

One of the coolest and trendiest beauty products on the market at the moment is dry shampoo. If you have missed this amazing item, you definitely should add it to your hair care routine. Dry shampoo is usually in a spray form in an aerosol packaging, full of a powder. It is sprayed in the greasy roots of your hair ... Read More »

How to Achieve a Flat Stomach

Everyone who has tried to slim down their waist and make their belly flat and tight, knows what a hard task and huge challenge this is. Only one meal can ruin the flat stomach you have achieved with so much hunger! However, is this really the way to achieve good results? Actually, you need to be very consistent and careful ... Read More »

The Basics of Makeup: What Not to Forget

In the age of Internet women can learn so many new things about makeup techniques, cosmetics products and useful tips that they can even get overwhelmed due to the huge amount of information. Each of us is trying to achieve the perfect look and emphasize their good sides and hide their flaws. However, we often ignore the basics of a ... Read More »

Easy Everyday Makeup Routine

In the mornings when I have to get up early and be on time, I really don‘t have time to do my makeup and hair and I usually gather my hair into a bun or ponytail and do a basic makeup look that‘s perfect for everyday and it‘s easy to do. Now, I‘m going to show you how to do ... Read More »

Your Pimples – Sign of Unhealthy Lifestyle?

We often underestimate the fact that our organism is a lot more intelligent than we think. Each part of it “communicates” with the rest of the body and signals it if something is wrong. Skin is a map showing you if something is wrong and illustrating how you are treating your body. Our face, for example, can show us its ... Read More »

Hair Color Trends For the Fall 2014

Recently we often talk about trends. What to wear and what not to wear. For good or bad women are vain creatures. We follow those fashion “rules” and we are even proud when we follow them. The fashion industry is getting richer from women’s vanity. So, everyone is happy. This year’s trend in hair colors is predictable – golden and reddish ... Read More »