Lipstick Trends For The Cold Seasons

The Fall & Winter 2014/2015 trends are already here. Today we will talk about our lips. But before we hit the colors and products we should keep in mind something else – the care. You know that the winter is coming and with it, as well, the cold weather. It’s nice to have the winter holidays back, but this coldness ... Read More »

3 Subtle Things You Can Do With Bronzer

There are several makeup products that are essential for a woman’s beauty kit and the bronzer is one of them! Bronzer can do sa many things for you – give your face some glow, help you if you have pale skin, sculpture your face. Bronzer is one of the most commonly used makeup products not only by us, but by ... Read More »

Get Your Skin Ready for Fall

Seasons change and even though we like embracing new fashion trends, it is our skin that does not agree with the overall mood of excitement. Fall weather usually does not have a positive effect on your face with all the wind and humidity. As tan fades away and the weather gets colder, skin gets more and more sensitive and prone ... Read More »

Manicure Trends for Fall 2014/2015

Fall is most fashionistas’ favourite season because it brings all these new looks and trends to the table, whether  we are talking about clothes, accessories, makeup or hairstyles. If you are one of the girls obsessed with your nails, this new season will bring some great ideas to the table for you! There is a lot of variety, some of ... Read More »

Say Goodbye to The Dandruff

It’s not so hard to get rid of the dandruff on your head. It’s all about the care. You should take good care of your head skin. When it appears it’s not the best new at all, but if you notice soon and remember the tips that I’m about ot give you, you’ll have no trouble. But if your dandruff ... Read More »

It’s All About The Blush

You may think that the blush is the easiest part to do when you are applying your makeup, but there are several tricky moments and if you don’t know them your face may end up like you’ve put a mask on it. So, be careful and learn how to apply blush perfectly: The perfect shade for you. It’s important to ... Read More »

Chocolate – A Friend, Not Foe

We all know this sweet temptation, melting in your mouth, giving you one of the best feeling in the world. We simply cannot resist having a piece of chocolate, because, well… just because it is chocolate. This is the perfect gift, which brings people closer together and makes them smile. But is it a friend or foe? And which type ... Read More »

Great Hair Care Tips You Can Do At Home

We all want beautiful, strong and healthy hair, but the hair care products that are sold in drugstores are full of chemicals and they not always help our hair stay as healthy as we want it to be. That’s why we often use home-made masks, conditioners and other hair treatments that aren’t filled with chemicals and other bad ingredients and ... Read More »

Don’t Forget These Steps in Your Beauty Routine!

Beauty routines are a huge obsession for us, women. We know the basics: moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, and painting your nails, for instance. But actually constructing your beauty routine is a lot more complicated, especially if you are not blessed with normal, flawless skin, but have to struggle with dark circles, pimples, large pores, redness, etc. Moreover, many women do not ... Read More »