What Beauty Benefits Can You Get Out Of Eating Citrus Fruits?

People forget how much they could benefit from some natural food and nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are the most natural way to keep yourself healthy, hydrated and beautiful. It turns out that citrus fruits have numerous benefits for you in the beauty department and actually if you incorporate them in your diet daily, you could cut down a lot of ... Read More »

Why Dressing Up In Spring Is Tough?

Spring is here already. And that is a great thing. I personally adore the fact that the weather is warm and there is the sun. My main thought though is that the summer is almost here. And I think it is like that for many people. And happiness is upon us through the whole time. Because how can you not ... Read More »

5 Things Showering After Workout Will Improve

1.    Goodbye Smell No matter if you do sweat or do not, there will be some smell added to your body after any workout. And if you are someone who sweats a lot during an active workout, then there definitely will be a heavy smell, you don’t want anyone else to feel. Sweat and smell are both connected to bacteria. ... Read More »

The Perks of Following Healthy Lifestyle

The people who follow a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercising regularly, often get addicted to certain things, that are part of the healthy lifestyle. Today I will show you the addictive things that make you love even more the healthy way of life. Take a look: The first one is a little bit annoying for the people around you, ... Read More »

From A Beauty Fail To A Beauty Trend

There are things in fashion, we say ‘No, No!’ to. And they are kind of fashion fails, that everybody hates. Those are things you should never be seen with. I guess you know what I mean. When we are talking about beauty, it is the same thing. We have always avoided certain looks. But in the last couple of seasons, ... Read More »

Funny Technique For Gorgeous Decoration

The summer is coming and your job is to prepare for it with proper look and trendy designs. Today I want to show you a nail decoration that requires extraordinary technique to be created. Take a look: Before the work with the nail polishes, you have to prepare the nails for the decoration. Here are the steps: Clean the nails ... Read More »

Makeup Mistakes That Will Harm Your Health

We love to apply makeup on our faces, but do we know the mistakes that we make, which hurt our skin health, and not only the skin, but the entire body health? I’m sure that you try to follow some kind of healthy lifestyle, by doing sport activities, eating healthy and laughing a lot with your loving family and true ... Read More »

Why Is Your Hair Dry

I just love my hair. It is frames my face and I can make a lot of different hairstyles on it, but if my hair is not healthy and strong, the hairstyles won’t look good and the hair won’t frame my face so perfectly as before. That’s why I want to talk a little bit about hairs today. And more ... Read More »

The Truths About a Breast Implants

A boob job costs around 4.000 $ Did you know that? Most people are aware of the fact that a surgery like that is not expensive, but 4.000 $ are very much money. Of course, this is an average rate. It all depends on the surgeon and the place where you are going under. And this is if you are ... Read More »

How To Choose a Flattering Nude Lipstick

When we show you tutorials for intensive and bold eye makeup designs, we always recommend you to keep the lips nude and natural looking. But sometimes, it is not so simple to just keep the lips nude and natural looking. When your face is covered with foundation, concealer and powder, and your brows are bold, perfectly framing your face, while ... Read More »