Do You Want Clear Skin?

Clear skin is something you either naturally are blessed to have or you have to take very intense care of. Skin that is blemish-free, pimple-free and clear is the most amazing thing ever. And any woman would be blessed. But the good thing is that with the right care we all could achieve and remain clear and beautiful glowing skin. ... Read More »

Hair Contouring According to Face Shape

You know that you can’t make just any kind of hairstyle you like on someone else. There are two factors that you must consider, before you give your instructions and wishes to the hair stylist. And here they are: The shape of your face; The color of your skin. When you analyze these factors, you will be able to choose the ... Read More »

One Natural Ingredient against Pimples

I’m sure that you are tired of all the cosmetic products that try to convince you that they will break your ugly relationship with the pimples, but let’s face it – they help for a while and when you stop using them everything is back again. And worse – they don’t help at all. Another great flaw is that these ... Read More »

Basic Rules For Eye Makeup Brushes

My boyfriend asked me why there so many brushes in the bathroom and this question made me think about every single brush and its usage. That’s why I decided to talk about eye makeup brushes and how use them properly. Take a look: Eyeshadow oval brush. That’s the blush which helps you to apply the shadow all over the lid. ... Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Skin While Sleeping

The truth is that your organism never truly sleeps: there are ongoing processes all the time. Your skin, the largest organ in your body, needs to be taken care of almost constantly. If you sleep for eight hours per night, this means that for straight eight hours you do not consume any water; thus, your whole body is being dehydrated. ... Read More »

How to Prevent Sweaty Armpits

Sweaty armpits are not attractive. At all. It is one of these really annoying body processes that some people are just cursed with having “a little more of”, like hair (not on your head: that one is desirable for everyone!), or skin pigmentation, or additional weight that just won’t disappear. Everyone sweats, at least a little, but unfortunately, contemporary culture ... Read More »

How to Deal with Period Cramps

There might be a number of girls and women who go through their period without any suffering, excruciating pain or terrible mood swings. However, that is not really the case with most of us: we need to face a day or two or even more in the worst case scenario, when we are victims of period cramps. They can interfere ... Read More »

How to Clear Your Skin Once and For All

Breakouts and blemishes can be an absolute nightmare for any girl or woman. Even after puberty, many of us suffer from an occasional blemish, especially around that time of month, but things sometimes go out of control without any apparent reason. The good news is that the cosmetic industry has created a whole range of amazing make up products that ... Read More »

How to Get Yourself to Drink More Water

Water is the ultimate to key to success in any beauty or health routine and if you want your body, skin and hair to be beautiful and healthy, it should become a vital element of your life. Not drinking water can lead to many problems. For instance, your kidneys might not be able to remove toxins from your organism as ... Read More »

Ombre Is Back

Some decorating designs will never get old, you can tell that only by the gorgeous look they create. For instance, let’s discuss the Ombre effect and why it will stay forever, but first, I want to count the placed where you can use the Ombre effect: Hairstyle; Nail art; Clothes; Shoes and accessories; Interior design; Food; Makeup; A car painting; ... Read More »