Green Zig-Zag Nails

Your nails are the jewelry of your hands, and if you don’t take care of the jewelry of your hands, you will notice that your hands look ugly without the proper looking jewels – your nails. Please, take a notice that I’m not talking here only about the nail art. I’m talking about the way you maintain your nails – ... Read More »

Blue Mermaid Lids

Putting your makeup on is a piece of art. If you intend (and if you can) create a makeup design that is more sophisticated by the cat-eye liner, I automatically assume that you are an artist. But being a makeup artist is a complex quality. You have to know the colors and how they match the skin complexion, the eye ... Read More »

DIY Nail Polish Like a Gum 

Sometimes we are bored with the regular techniques for the nail decoration. If you often do nail arts, then I’m sure that you have mastered the nail arts with the tape strips, the French manicure, the water coloring, the Ombre effect, the sponge technique, etc. When you know all the techniques, you might be bored with all the designs that ... Read More »

DIY Knot Updo

Every special occasion requires a special look either. You can learn how to do your makeup and hairstyle all by yourself, without a need of another person, which can be really helpful when you are out of time and have to look great for less then 10 minutes. Down below I will show you a tutorial of a great knotted updo ... Read More »

Twisted Side Bun

Every girl should know how to create different looks for different occasions all by herself. I know that we are young, have time and money to pamper ourselves at the beauty salon, but there will be moments when you will be in a hurry and you won’t have the time to go to the beauty salon, or even worse – ... Read More »

Retro Look For Chic Ladies

We often talk about trends and this leaves impression that we are interested only in the newest fashion designs and styles. This is not true, we adore the vintage and retro looks as well. In fact, what is the vintage style? It is a retro inspired design that adjusts to the newest trends. If you succeed in styling your look ... Read More »

Chic Design For Your Eyes

The eye makeup is an essential part of your look. Yes, that’s right, it is an essential part of the whole appearance of yours, not only of the makeup look. Today I want to show you a makeup design which is perfect for formal occasions and for party nights. The colors are matched perfectly and if they match your skin color, ... Read More »

Kiss Stamps On Your Nails

The decoration of the nails is an essential part of your look. You shouldn’t allow yourself to walk around with chopped and old nail polish, especially if the colors are dark, it is noticeable from miles away. If you know that you don’t have enough time to take care of your manicure, you should paint your nails with nude color or find ... Read More »

Glam Curls For Long Hair

If you have long hair, you have to take special care of it. Especially when you make curls. Today I will show you the proper way to make a curly hairstyle. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one: First of all, you have to analyze the hair. If it is too damaged and fragile, you ... Read More »

Blue Color For Your Precious Eyes

You have to consider the color of your eyes, the color of your skin and the color your hair when you want to choose a colored makeup for your eyes. For instance, if you have pale skin, blond hair and bluish eyes, you can choose the navy blue color, because it will suit you perfectly. Take a look at this ... Read More »