Straight and Volumized Hair

I prefer my hair to be straight and flat. It looks great in a combination with my facial features, but there is a problem coming up with the straightening – no volume at the roots. This problem can be solved with the back-combing technique, but if you do it too often you will damage your hair seriously. P.S. So will do ... Read More »

Smoky Eyes With Pencil

Let’s say that you are on a vacation with friends or family (or both). You all want to go out to that famous club, but when you start to prepare yourself, you realize that you only have mascara and black eye pencil. After that, you panic, because you think that that’s not enough for you to have stunning makeup, you ... Read More »

Huge Doll Eyelashes

If you have beautiful, big eyes you should enhance them all the time. So, learn how to make different eye makeup designs, learn your hand to be cool and steady when you apply your eyeliner and get the Holy Knowledge of the Beauty hacks. Today I’ll show you some of them, especially for your eyes. First of all we should talk ... Read More »

Golden Nail Moons

Now that the Winter is here we have to think about the Winter fashion trends. You know all about the clothes, but let’s pay attention to the nails today. As you can suggest it’s recommended to use dark colors. It’s not absolutely necessary to wear always black or gray, but try to choose darker colors, like dark brown, pumpkin orange, burgundy, plum ... Read More »

Party On With This Makeup

If you have amazing, stunning dress, bought just for this party that you want to go, what else you’ll need to look delightful? Your makeup, of course. You’ll ruin the dress if you skip the makeup step, or if doesn’t pay enough attention and work to it. It’s not the dress that is beautiful. It’s you, and the way you ... Read More »

Elegant Holiday Hairstyle

The holidays are knocking on the door and all you have to do is to be well prepared. You have to decorate the house, choose the perfect meals, call your family and friends, do some shopping, prepare and wrap the presents and so on. But after all that work you’ll run out of time and forget about the beauty preparation. ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Dry Shampoo

One of the coolest and trendiest beauty products on the market at the moment is dry shampoo. If you have missed this amazing item, you definitely should add it to your hair care routine. Dry shampoo is usually in a spray form in an aerosol packaging, full of a powder. It is sprayed in the greasy roots of your hair ... Read More »

Easy Trick For Curly Hair

You can make your hair curly and wavy without the damaging heat of the curling iron. You can just let it curl itself through the night. Wonder how? Check out this tutorial and follow the steps. It’s as easy as it looks. Do that trick on freshly washed hair. Dry it with brush and hairdryer and use the time while ... Read More »

Eyeliner Tutorial

A plain makeup sometimes is the one to go for. If your eyes have naturally perfect shape, the best way to define them is to apply cat-eye type of eyeliner. If you don’t have any drawing maybe you’ll have a hard time doing this makeup perfectly. But that’s why we are here to help you out. This is a step-by-step ... Read More »

Metallic Nail Art Tutorial

Metallic shades are definitely one of the leading color trends for the Fall 2014 fashion season. Whether it is royal gold or cool silver, these shades are definitely something to incorporate in all aspects of your look: your outfit, accessories, makeup or even nails! Be careful with overdoing it, though, since all the glamour may have the opposite effect and ... Read More »