The New Social Media Trend: The Swelfie

Yes, you are probably aware what a selfie is: it is basically a photo that you take of yourself, a self-portrait of the modern world. The leading social trends are dictated by social media, respectively Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Everyone knows what a hashtag is, how important it is that your profile picture is on point and how often ... Read More »

Going to a Public Pool? Here’s What You Need to Know

It is the season of tanning and straw hats, sunglasses and salty curls, sand, SPF products and lots of smiles. It is the time when our leisure becomes more exciting and we can embrace different ideas just because the weather allows it. Whether you decide to jump in the car and have a one-night trip to a nearby tow or ... Read More »

How to Pack for a Summer Holiday: Weekend Getaway

Summer usually means travelling around, going to the beach and wearing bikinis. Even though this is the season associated with relaxation and rest, there are also a few sources of anxiety for women everywhere. First of all, there is the fear of going around with less clothing or especially with bikinis. If you have been rather naughty and lazy throughout ... Read More »

The Unexpected Tourist Gems, Hidden in Europe

Europe, also known as the “Old Continents” might not have the exotic forests, the tropical climate or the crazy wildlife that Africa, Asia or South America offer their visitors. However, Europe is a special tourist destination for several reasons. First of all, movement in between countries is quite easy as they are closely packed together and there are all kinds ... Read More »

Great Summer Activities for You and Your Friends

It is that time of year again when vacations have arrived and there is a lot of time to spare. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and after a few days of enjoying your freedom you realize that you are going to get absolutely bored soon. Sleeping until noon, binge-watching TV shows, chilling at cafes and restaurants with ... Read More »

How to Achieve More When Communicating with Others

Communication is overly underestimated in our age of Internet, social media and text messages. We are connected in so many ways and can access such a vast amount of information that we often do not consider the quality of communication and if the outcomes are truly beneficial. Healthy relationships can make you feel a lot happier. Have you heard the ... Read More »

Why You Should Spend Less Time on Social Media

Facebook first appeared in 2004, Instagram was launched in 2010 and Twitter was created in 2006. These are only three of the most famous social media apps and websites. Social media has become one of the most exciting, life-changing and significant phenomenon of the 21st century. People like Mike Zuckerberg are not just entrepreneurs or computer specialists: he is a ... Read More »

Europe’s Hidden Gem: Prague, the Czech Capital

We all know the main tourist destinations in terms of capitals in Europe: London, Paris, Rome… These huge cities have a long history, lots of opportunities for sightseeing and shopping and are often portrayed in Hollywood movies; thus, they have become dream destinations for many travelers. However, Central and Eastern European countries also have their beautiful capitals with amazing prospects ... Read More »

You Might Be Addicted To Your Phone

  First, answer me this question: Do you panic when you notice that your phone isn’t in your hand? I bet that half of you will say Yes, but the other half will say No and this second half of people are lying! These days is almost impossible to live the day without your phone. First of all, how you ... Read More »

An Exciting Journey into the Miracle World of Asia: Cambodia

One of the most inspiring activities one can take up is definitely travelling. As the great writer Mark Twain, author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn once said: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” It is absolutely true that travelling can broaden your horizons and teach you lessons that you will not find ... Read More »