How To Stay Fit During A Vacation

Winter is finally here and very soon we‘ll have some days off to spend with our families and friends. Most of the times, when we go on a vacation, no matter if it‘s summer or winter, we tend to gain some weight because of the way we spend our time and lack of exercise. Because I‘m sure you don‘t want ... Read More »

What to Change in Your Workout for Efficient Weightloss

Even though bikini season is not even close, the leaves are starting to fall and the sweaters are the preferable clothing item, weight loss is still something many of us are concerned with. If you have not thought about getting fit, you should! Do not leave working out for May when you have a month or two to get your ... Read More »

Great Hairstyles When You Are Working Out

If you follow social media thoroughly, you have noticed one of the biggest lifestyle trends which are being fit. It is not important only to be skinny now, but to workout, have a healthy diet (not to starve to death!), and look good when you are wearing your bikinis. Not to mention that there are huge health benefits for your ... Read More »

Breakfast Ideas for Weightloss

You are probably aware of the importance of having breakfast. That first meal of the day gives you energy to start your routine with energy and motivation. Having breakfast in the morning improves your metabolism, and your organism becomes better at absorbing the healthy ingredients in your food. All of these things help you to lose weight and if that ... Read More »

How to Achieve a Flat Stomach

Everyone who has tried to slim down their waist and make their belly flat and tight, knows what a hard task and huge challenge this is. Only one meal can ruin the flat stomach you have achieved with so much hunger! However, is this really the way to achieve good results? Actually, you need to be very consistent and careful ... Read More »

Homemade Recipe For Flat Stomach

Today I’m in a mood to talk about getting fit. I’ve gained some weight recently and I really need to do something about it, because the winter is almost here, and it is bringing Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – friends, which are encouraging me to eat a lot. Remember that getting fit is a mixture of many factors – eating, exercising, daily habits, stress, ... Read More »

Great Foods that Help Burn Fat

Burning fat, especially in the tummy area, is one of the biggest challenges a girl can face when trying to improve her figure. Cardio like running, for instance, is one of the main ways to get rid of that extra volume around the waist, but it cannot solve your problem on your own: you need to combine it with a ... Read More »

Why It’s So Hard To Lose Weight?

Who doesn’t like to be slim and healthy? We, as women, struggle constantly to lose weight and to keep in shape and search for new diet plans all the time. But, why is so hard to lose weight? For some women, losing weight is really – they somehow manage to eat whatever they want and still have slim bodies. But, ... Read More »