Easter Feast at Home

The Easter is coming and you have to be prepared with the proper meals if you are willing to welcome your family and friends in your home for a delicious holiday lunch. You are an adult now and you should start to think like one and to act like one. If you like cooking, hosting family and friends gatherings is ... Read More »

How to Start Your Clean Eating Lifestyle

Clean eating is an absolute trend now. However, it is a trend that we fully support because it is quite beneficial for the overall health of organism. Clean eating is not a diet or a temporary regime: it should become your lifestyle. It will help you fight disease easier; it will provide your body with more energy and help you ... Read More »

Salmon With Fries and Salad

To have fish on your table is very important. First of all it is good for your health. Second it is amazingly delicious. Fish could be cooked and combined with many things. Either grilled, fried or steamed. Combined with fresh vegetable, mashed potatoes and whatever you could think of. Fish is amazing. Salmon as a whole is one of the ... Read More »

Pasta Salads For Veggie Lovers

 If you are not a vegetarian, I recommend you to clean your body from the meat a little bit by choosing a meal plan, which doesn’t include any meat, at least for a week. You will feel better and lighter. After that refreshing week, start to eat meat slowly. The next week eat no more than three days meat (chicken only), ... Read More »

Homemade ice-cream Recipe

Are you a fan of strawberry ice-cream? It may not be summer yet but the taste of this ice-cream will make you remember the hot sunny days during which you need to cool down your body and mind. If you cannot find, however, your favorite strawberry in the nearby shop, then make it yourself. You can even treat your friends ... Read More »

Family Apple Pie

Some people love winter and since it is still cold outside we have prepared for you a recipe for something cozy that gathers all the family around the table. You probably have already figure it out – this is the ultimate apple pie, a traditional dish that brings back sweet childhood memories. Here is what you will need. First, make ... Read More »

Foods That Cause Headache

Since we live very busy and complicated lives it is often that we get migraines. They could be cause by quite so many things. Too much work and too little sleep really does affect our minds and health. Also smoking and too much noise and not working out. And yes, the reasons are endless.It turns out though that some foods ... Read More »

Healthy Easy Lunches to Bring to Work in 2015

As the New Year has arrived, probably many of you have decided that a healthier lifestyle should definitely be on your agenda. However, it is quite hard to maintain a good diet while at work because not lots of venues offer tasty, but diet dishes. It is a lot easier, not to mention cheaper, to have a burger or sandwich. ... Read More »

Counting Calories: How Much Are A Hundred Calories?

Counting calories maybe is not the best way to actually slim down your figure, but it is a good start. Every person has his own unique organism and their metabolism differs too. However, super foods are often the same for most people. You should not stress your body with a drastic diet of “no-eating”: it may lead to complications of ... Read More »

6 Reasons to Drink Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of people’s favorite winter drinks. It is not only delicious and sweet but it is hot and warms up your body. The good news is that it is good to drink it because it is healthy as well. In the past, from 16th to 19th centuries, it was very well used in the medicine. Here is ... Read More »