6 Problem Only Hat-Lovers Will Understand

Hats are amazing. They could be both an accessory, a protector from the sun, and even an umbrella (yes, when you do not have umbrella in your bag and it starts raining, what do you thing you can use to protect your hair from it?). But for some people hats are something more, there are a way of life. An ... Read More »

Simple Tricks to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Every girl wants her perfume to last longer and to enchant men with her scent all the time. And you are one of those girls too, I’m sure. Today I will show you some tricks which will save your perfume last longer. Take a look at them: First of all, you have to take care of your perfume if you ... Read More »

Best Accessories For Black Dress

It is no secret that every woman should have a black dress in their wardrobe. It is stylish, elegant and suits every woman’s figure. But sometimes you just have to add something to it to make you stand out from the crowd of women wearing black dresses. And here come the accessories which will help you glam up your black ... Read More »

Tech Gadgets For Women

  You know that the technological and electronic industry is really successful, but smart and rich people wish for even more wealth. So far, the targeted consumers are men. Mostly. But women are about half of the world’s population, which means that a smart businessman will try to enchant this half of possible buyers. And what a better way for ... Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat

The weather outside has been getting colder and colder until it has made us take out the woolen sweaters, the big scarves and the knitted hats out of the back areas of the closet and put them on. Being stylish when all you are thinking about is how to keep yourself warm while you are outside is a difficult task. ... Read More »

Reasons Why Your Jewelry Looks Cheap

I have to say, sometimes I look at my jewelry and start thinking „why would I ever buy a piece like that“ or „who tricked me into buying this“. No matter how hard I try to be on top of the trend when it comes to jewelry and accessories, I always seem to miss something and to buy things that ... Read More »

Winter Bag Trends

The right bag can literally hold a woman’s world and with the right bag, one can achieve everything. That’s why bags are so important for women – we look at them not only as a fashion accessory, but as something than can contain every single thing we can need at any point of time – a book, an umbrella, something ... Read More »

Basic Essential Items to Carry in Your Handbag

I have heard many men being amazed at how many things women carry in their handbags. It is true that our purses usually represent our lifestyle and daily routine. However, in time chaos prevails and we end up carrying lots of unnecessary things, while skipping on some very essential items. If you want to be prepared for every awkward situation ... Read More »

Perfect Hats for the Colder Months

The weather is getting colder and with it, the layers of clothes, the thick fabrics and woolen accessories go out of the hidden corners of the drawers and closets and onto us! To be honest, we find something incredibly charming in the cold weather, even though we hate how the annoying wind messes up that perfect hairstyle we invested so ... Read More »