How to Wear an Infinity Scarf This Fall

As we have said multiple times, cool accessories for the colder months are a great way both to keep you warm and add a little imagination and spice to your outfit. Even woolen hats and scarves have a specific charm to them. As we are mentioning scarves, we cannot miss mentioning one of its most popular variations, the infinity scarf. ... Read More »

Best Accessories for Fall – Part 2

In our previous post about fall accessories we showed you a selection of popular things; now we continue with some other cool things. Some of them have made their way through the test of time and remained a trend from the 2013/2014 season, while others are new and fresh ideas for your outfits! Tartan massive scarf: Just take a look ... Read More »

Best Accessories for Fall – Part 1

Fall makes most of us really excited in terms of fashion for several reasons. First, as the new season starts, new collections emerge in stores with a variety of cool potential purchases out there to satisfy our shopping needs. Second of all, new trends challenge us to experiment. Lst but not least, while during the summer we did not wear ... Read More »

Fashion Trends For the Fall 2014 Accessories

You know how we want to be in touch with the news, especially the Fashion news. There is a difference between Classic, Vintage and… Outdated style. The Classic is evergreen. There are things that will never get old and démodé. There is also this new obsession in town – the Vintage style. It’s not old, but a reminder of the old models, ... Read More »