Beginners: How To Wear Color This Spring

So winter is about to be over. And after all the blacks, greys and dark colors we have been wearing in the last couple of months it is about time, to start thinking about our transition wardrobe and some color. The spring is a season filled with color, because of the nature and of its awakening and beauty. And you ... Read More »

Things You Must Not Wear

Different people – different clothes. There are trends that come and go and some are just timeless. Some work for you body type and other as it is expected just don’t. And then there are those kind of clothes that would never work on anyone and must never be worn. Do some things already pop in your mind on that ... Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat

The weather outside has been getting colder and colder until it has made us take out the woolen sweaters, the big scarves and the knitted hats out of the back areas of the closet and put them on. Being stylish when all you are thinking about is how to keep yourself warm while you are outside is a difficult task. ... Read More »

Fashion Inspiration from Movies: Part 1

A real fashionista knows that fashion inspiration can be provoked from anything: from your friends, random people on the street or bloggers to time periods and contemporary style icons. One amazing way you can actually broaden your style horizons is through movies. Some films have been made to illustrate the inside of the fashion world, whether it is the life ... Read More »

How to Style Leather Pants – Trendy Tips

Leather trousers have flooded the market, the runways and street style blogs! We are not exaggerating when we say that they have become serious competition to the long-reigning queen “skinny jeans”. The variety of styles of leather pants offered by different brands is amazing: black, with zippers, studs, sequins, in different colors, skinny, baggy, etc. Yes, the classic and most popular version ... Read More »

How to Wear a Leather Skirt This Season

Leather has been a major trend for a few seasons now and it has swept in every single aspect of our closets: outerwear, shirts, dresses, and, of course, shoes and bags. Leather used to be a symbol of rebels, rockers, even sometimes considered to be very tasteless when it is not used for just a jacket, boots or bag. However, ... Read More »

How To Add Lace To Your Wardrobe

New season, new wardrobe. With winter knocking on the door, it‘s time to think about making some changes to our wardrobe and bring some new pieces in so it stays fashionable and timeless at the same time. This winter you can try adding a fabric so girly and romantic that will transform your whole closet into a more classy and ... Read More »

The Must- Have Dresses for Fall 2014 – Part 2

We already showed you four types of must-have dresses for fall 2014. Here are a few more great suggestions if you are wondering what is on trend right now and do not want to surrender to pants and leggings yet! Sweater dress: The colder months have come, so knits are in once again! But you do not need to abandon ... Read More »

Perfect Hats for the Colder Months

The weather is getting colder and with it, the layers of clothes, the thick fabrics and woolen accessories go out of the hidden corners of the drawers and closets and onto us! To be honest, we find something incredibly charming in the cold weather, even though we hate how the annoying wind messes up that perfect hairstyle we invested so ... Read More »

How to Wear an Infinity Scarf This Fall

As we have said multiple times, cool accessories for the colder months are a great way both to keep you warm and add a little imagination and spice to your outfit. Even woolen hats and scarves have a specific charm to them. As we are mentioning scarves, we cannot miss mentioning one of its most popular variations, the infinity scarf. ... Read More »