How to Look Stylish While Working Out

If you are on social media or you are interested in contemporary culture trends, you could not have missed the “healthy lifestyle” trend that has swamped society. It is everywhere: on Instagram, in lifestyle websites, on Youtube, etc. Whether it is great ideas for workout exercises or delicious, but healthy diet meals, you can embrace this new mania quite easily ... Read More »

How to Find Your Personal Style

Have you ever browsed through Instagram and see these amazing girls with bold and interesting style that can catch your eye immediately? Do you have a friend that looks like a real fashion icon all the time even when she is not trying? Some people just have the talent to be stylish and that is a fact. That special innate ... Read More »

What To Wear To A Cocktail Party

Cocktails are those events you have to pamper up to go to. They are like art for the fashion shows. There are different types of cocktails. Some opt for more casual clothing. And others need more elegant and almost black tie attire. There is one thing that could always work for a cocktail party – the LBD. But if you ... Read More »

6 Problem Only Hat-Lovers Will Understand

Hats are amazing. They could be both an accessory, a protector from the sun, and even an umbrella (yes, when you do not have umbrella in your bag and it starts raining, what do you thing you can use to protect your hair from it?). But for some people hats are something more, there are a way of life. An ... Read More »

How To Solve Bra Problems

If you don’t like the way your breasts look when you put on the bra, you have to find out what is the reason for this problem. It is not beautiful looking when your bra isn’t the right size and the right fit. Down below you will find the most common signs that will show you you are wearing the ... Read More »

How To Look Like Business Lady

There is a famous thought: “Dress for the work you want, not for the one you’ve got”. Well, this is easier to by said than done. Usually, if you are not working the job you want, you budget is quite small and the job you want requires a little bit of more than just a ‘small budget’. Besides that, if ... Read More »

Simple Tricks to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Every girl wants her perfume to last longer and to enchant men with her scent all the time. And you are one of those girls too, I’m sure. Today I will show you some tricks which will save your perfume last longer. Take a look at them: First of all, you have to take care of your perfume if you ... Read More »

Curious Facts About Famous Bags

The girls who love fashion know different things about designers, collections, fabrics, models, colors, trends and etc. But there are some things that they might find amusing as curious and interesting. Here they are: One of the most famous bag is the Chanel 2.55 bag and the interesting fact about it is that each year its price increases. The bag ... Read More »

Must-Wear Items To The Airport

When I have an airplane to catch I always wonder what to wear in order to feel more comfortable, warm and at the same to look more stylish and beautiful. The choice of my outfit depends a lot on my luggage and exactly which bag is coming with me in the passenger compartment. I also try to put on the clothes that are ... Read More »