Interesting Facts and Myths about Bras

Men view bras as a symbol of erotic dreams and femininity. However, we, girls, know how much more there is to these pieces of lingerie. They can provide you with security, with some extra “volume” and even confidence. However, they can also sometimes squeeze your skin, press the wrong places, and make your breasts look worse or make you feel ... Read More »

All Year Challenge – Embrace the Colors

The black color is stylish and classic, but I want you to find a way to be stylish and classic in other colors. I know that your comfort zone is all in black, gray and other neutral colors, which means that you are not brave enough to experiment with the other colors – the sassy ones, the bright ones, those ... Read More »

What Your Clothes Say About You

There are millions of things that can reveal a person’s personality – what is your favorite color or whether you prefer dogs or cats. There is another “quiz” now, which reveals your personality and these are your clothes. Even if you think that if you just grab a pair of clothes in the morning this would not mean anything, you ... Read More »

Best Pairs To Keep You Stylish

There are a few styling pairs which are like Soul-mates when they are put one next to another. I’m talking about colors and designs. Take a look: Emerald green and black. You will look like you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your outfit. The emerald is the color of the kings and if you have a certain emerald accent somewhere ... Read More »

10 Things a 20 Year Old Girl Should Have in Her Closet

1. Denim jacket It kind of works the same way as the favorite jeans. A denim jacket goes with literally everything. You can wear it in the colder summer nights or in the winter under a poncho or something. It could work for any occasion. So if you don’t already own one – go get yours! 2. Ballerina flats They ... Read More »

Organize Your Closet

You have heard that no matter how many clothes women have they have nothing to wear. And the funny part is that their closet is full of clothes. I am sure yours is too. Just admit it. When you open it sometimes even clothes start to fall. This is a trait women have and I dare say we never going ... Read More »

Beginners: How To Wear Color This Spring

So winter is about to be over. And after all the blacks, greys and dark colors we have been wearing in the last couple of months it is about time, to start thinking about our transition wardrobe and some color. The spring is a season filled with color, because of the nature and of its awakening and beauty. And you ... Read More »

What To Expect From Shoe Stores In The Spring

You know that the fashion industry is a huge business, which earn its profit from the changes and the people who want to own those different designs and styles. That’s why every year we are witnessing those changes, we fall in love with them and then turn them into trends. And today I want to talk about shoes trends for ... Read More »

Rock That Walk

Let’s talk about some truths: We weren’t born with as much grace as we should have liked We girls don’t just wake up one day and know how to walk in heels And unfortunately we are not all models. So in order to feel good about our walk in heels we have to practice it and know some tricks. Heel ... Read More »

Being Stylish Without Having Too Much Money

If you are young you probably want to look stylish and fashionable. But that is often way too hard. People think that style and being stylish is all about brands and having money. But it turns out that it is not exactly like that. You can be stylish and look like the person you want to be just by choosing ... Read More »