Summer Shoe Trends

Many girls dream of a shoe collection similar to the one Carrie Bradshaw, the famous TV character from Sex and the City, had in stock. She would not have enough money to pay her rent, but would invest in trendy high-heeled Manolo Blanhik footwear. We do not believe in such extreme ends of love for fashion, but we certainly in ... Read More »

Key Footwear Trends for Spring 2015

Have you heard that famous saying: “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.”? We believe that it is actually true! Lots of women have a natural affinity towards shoes and to be honest, we are not sure when and how it originated, but it is fact: shoes can be a girl’s best friend, ... Read More »

How to Care For Your Boots in Snowy Days

All the people who love boots cannot wait for winter to come so they can put them on. However, when snow falls down our boots may suffer some damages. So, if you want them to be as good as new even in snowy weather, here are some daily rules you should observe. 1. Clean your boots every night One of ... Read More »

What To Expect From Shoe Stores In The Spring

You know that the fashion industry is a huge business, which earn its profit from the changes and the people who want to own those different designs and styles. That’s why every year we are witnessing those changes, we fall in love with them and then turn them into trends. And today I want to talk about shoes trends for ... Read More »

Rock That Walk

Let’s talk about some truths: We weren’t born with as much grace as we should have liked We girls don’t just wake up one day and know how to walk in heels And unfortunately we are not all models. So in order to feel good about our walk in heels we have to practice it and know some tricks. Heel ... Read More »

Trendy Colors For Your Winter Shoes

There are some places, where the winter is hitting with its maximum power. And these places require some serious clothing armor. And in my opinion, the shoes are the most important piece of the winter outfit, because when my feet are warm and protected from the wet and icy cold snow, my whole body feels comfortable and safe. But there is ... Read More »

How To Look Tall Without High Heels

Wearing high heels is exhausting and when we want to look tall, finding another way might be a problem. The most popular way to make our legs look longer is to wear high heels daily, but we forget how bad high heels are for our figure – our feet get sore, our back starts to hurt and at some can ... Read More »

The Shoes Every Woman Should Have

Women and shoes have a special connection since, well, forever. We tend to buy shoes whether or not we need them just because they look good or we think that some time or other we will have something to wear them with. I, like every other woman, have a lot of shoes, many of which I don‘t wear, but there ... Read More »

The Quickest Way to Look Cool – Sneakers

When it’s time to wake up early and go to school or to spend a day with our family and friends, we are not always in the mood to think about what to wear and how to style some of our favorite fall clothing items. In these cases we need to go for something casual, sporty and comfy at the same ... Read More »